Thursday, 29 April 2021

Rain has been and gone leaving nothing behind.  levels as they were.   No fish reported again today - so far. 


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Can I remind you of the reporting system set up to gather data required to make EA West Midlands take this matter seriously and be more proactive in ensuring navigators are properly briefed.

We are now nearing the build-up of canoe traffic, it’s a bank holiday this weekend, so please make every support this initiative by reporting every incident large or small  in the manner described below.



In order to improve EA and NRW understanding of the impact of navigation in all its forms(e.g. wild swimming, paddle boarding etc).  All fishery owners are asked to complete a report on all incidents that occur, such as landing without permission, landing in environmentally sensitive areas such as spawning gravels and nesting sites, behaviour that disturbs wildlife and the general tranquility of the environment and disruption of angling. 

The full guide to canoeing on the Wye which lays out the code of behaviour can be found at 2856 ( .  All incidents which are in breach of the letter and spirit of this guide are of interest.

At the minimum please report your incident by email to as soon as possible in the following format:


Name of Person filing report:

Name of Beat:

Mob number:

Date of incident

Time of incident

Nearest Town /Village:

Details of incident:




Were the navigators aware of the Wye navigation code of conduct as above either by reading it for themselves or through briefing by their canoe company?

If reporting unauthorised landing. Were there clearly marked signs in the vicinity?

(Please provide photo of signage)


Name of Canoe company involved if not a private individual/party:

Number marked on side of canoe?

Names of private individuals or party co-ordinator if available: e.g. Military organisation, School or Scout group etc.

Photograph or video of incident or aftermath (vandalism, damage and litter)

Reported to EA NRW directly yes /no?


We will pass the information on to EA and NRW but if you can also report direct it would be helpful to monitor how well they keep their records. You can report on Tel:  0800 80 70 60 .


THANK YOU. You will contribute to bringing the scale of this problem to the attention of the EA and providing WSA and WCC with the ability to challenge the resolution of the problem


Stuart Smith


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