Wednesday, 28 April 2021

 Some rain around but just about enough to make a small puddle.  Looks umlikely to do any good whatsoever with conditions so dry.     No further fish reported so far today.

Regarding the smolt tagging exercise one has to wonder at it's value as the three main causes have already been identified in the words of Oliver Brown below.

He even starts off with the fact that they are concerned about salmon numbers and "determine what can be done to safeguard the species survival.  Where have they been all these years.   As for WUF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oliver Brown, Aquaculture Officer for Natural Resources Wales, who is leading the project said:

“Salmon numbers, both adult and juvenile, are at record lows in Welsh rivers as well as in other parts of the world. When we see species numbers dropping like this, we need to do all we can to understand what’s causing the problem and determine what can be done to safeguard the species’ survival.

By tagging these salmon smolts and using our network of receivers to track them during their journey to sea, we can find out what’s making life so difficult for these fish, be it delays at barriers, predation, low river flows or anything in-between.

We’re grateful for the support of the Wye and Usk foundation in the roll out of this project. Ultimately, the information and data we gather will inform our collaborative work in the area of salmon conservation, which will prove invaluable in our efforts to tackle the cause of the population declines in the long term.”

We look forward to publishing the results of the study as soon as they are available.

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