Tuesday, 27 April 2021

 One 10lb fish reported on Sunday from Wyesham on a cascade.  Is this the same as the late saturday fish which was reported and now seemingly removed by WUF?

In any event the dire conditions continue and unless the big tides this weekend bring in some fish the situation really will be dire.

See below from the Salmon and Trout organisation.v

A damning report on the EA/NRW  gross neglect of their responsibilities we are all only to aware of. 
Will it prompt any action of response?   Not if the past is anything to go by.


I see WUF are supporting NRW in a radio tracking exercise on the Usk. 100 smolts (do we still have that many?) to see what the survival rate is and what might be the reason for losses.

I suggest they can recover the radio tags under the Cormorant roosting sites or on the bed of the river where the Goosanders had dropped them.

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