Sunday, 7 March 2021

 Limited fishing going on in places but again no further reports of any catches which is disappointing to say the least.

Se below from the EA regarding the Severn.   They too have no answer to salmon stocks apart from limiting anglers in their ability to catch fish.   Plain fact is if the anglers depart then so will the salmon.  One problem less for the EA and NRW.

Notification of the consultation regarding new byelaw proposals to protect salmon stocks throughout the Severn catchment


We wish to work constructively with all angling interests in protecting the health and status of the River Severn fish populations, especially to ensure that the salmon stock and its valuable salmon fisheries remain sustainable into the future. At a time of great uncertainty for salmon stock resilience, we also trust that you are able to appreciate that there is a need to review protective measures to conserve the salmon stock at the current time.


We are writing to the Wye Salmon Association to inform your members about the start of a consultation process for the recommended restrictions on salmon fishing in the River Severn and its estuary. The consultation will run from 5 March until 6 April 2021.


The evidence from recent annual salmon stock assessments indicates a continued decline in the status of salmon in the River Severn. A decline has also been detected in the rivers Wye and Usk which contribute to the Severn estuary fishery, with substantial deficits in the number of spawning adults apparent on all three rivers. As a result, the Environment Agency is proposing further changes to the approach to controlling fishing activity in the River Severn. We are recommending a new suite of fisheries regulations which will limit the exploitation of salmon and sea trout by both rod and net fisheries in order to conserve these stocks and ensure the future sustainability of the Severn salmon and sea trout fisheries. These regulations will replace the emergency salmon protection byelaw that was implemented on 15 June 2019, and extended from June 2020 for a further six months to prevent the taking of salmon by the Severn rod and net fisheries.


The Environment Agency intends to apply to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for confirmation of time limited byelaws and net limitation order for the protection and preservation of the salmon fisheries within the Severn Estuary and River Severn.


We are beginning a 4 week consultation on proposed changes to how we manage salmon and sea trout fishing in the River Severn and Severn Estuary, which you may have view as an interested angling association. The consultation is designed to help you understand what is being proposed and to seek any relevant evidence from interested stakeholders that may justify modification of the proposed new regulations before we seek Ministerial confirmation


Importantly we would like to encourage all angling interest parties to review our proposals and participate in our consultation.


You can review our plans and respond online at: <> , or call 03708 506 506 to request a copy of the information to be posted or emailed. Documents can be viewed at our offices in Tewkesbury, Kidderminster and Shrewsbury. Consultation responses can then be returned by email or post.


After the consultation period, we will review comments and any objections and may modify our proposals if suitable evidence is provided. They are then sent to Defra Ministers for confirmation. The new byelaws and Net Limitation Order which will last for 10 years (to be reviewed after 5 years).


Overall, there is an accumulation of evidence that supports the need to continue restrictions on the harvesting of salmon from both the Severn estuary net and rod fisheries.


As observed in 2018, the adult salmon run in 2019 remained poor and this was subsequently reflected in the declared 2019 rod catch data. Consequently, the Severn adult salmon stock is classified as being ‘Probably at Risk’ now and remain at this level in 5 years.


River Severn salmon populations have declined in recent years and are now falling below the Conservation Limit, that is the minimum level deemed necessary to maintain populations at a healthy and sustainable level. The stock is therefore in need of more protection than has previously been in place.


Previous time-limited regulations for salmon and sea trout fishing on the River Severn for both rod and net fisheries need to be renewed and updated to ensure that salmon stocks are adequately protected from further harm.


In brief the byelaw proposals will require the return of all salmon and sea trout caught in the River Severn and Severn Estuary which are considered necessary as stocks are so fragile, these measures will protect salmon from further exploitation to ensure that they are allowed to stabilise and recover. 


Further consideration for the restriction of certain fishing equipment and methods for catching salmon and sea trout and subsequently released back into the river, will improve their chances of survival and further increase numbers that can successfully spawn improving the opportunity for recovery and longer term future sustainability of stocks.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation in protecting salmon stocks on the Severn.


Yours sincerely


Chris Bainger MIFM Cenv

Fisheries Technical Specialist – Severn Salmon Protection Measures

Friday, 5 March 2021

 No news of any more salmon catches as far as I know though conditions are good in most areas and improving on the bottom river too.   No rain in the offing until the middle of next week.

With the travel ban still in operation fishing  effort will be much reduced , for most anyway.

Not good on the Severn either; 

Another interesting page from that old EA river report giving the spread of catches over the season and the weights of the fish caught

Thursday, 4 March 2021


Well the good news is the new bill was passed in the Senedd yesterday which SHOULD help in the control of poor farming practices polluting our rivers and stream.

However it is of course dependant on farmers obeying those rules and many are often reluctant especially is no subsidy is involved.  It depends too on enforcement by the welsh government, something they don't seem to be very efficient at.  We shall have to see but its a step in the right direction.

There was a fish yesterday it seems from Loxsters pool at Whitney a fresh ten pounder taken on a single hook FC   There was a photo apparently which I don't have at present nor the name of the angler.

LATEST.  Captor of the fish from Loxsters is said to be Nathan Jubb.

Also a report of another fish hooked and lost on one of the lower middle river beats above Ross.


There was a time of course when the EA Fishery Officer, as it was then, produced a yearly report on all aspects of the Wye fishery.  It was detailed, extensive a provided a wealth of information including that on pollution incidents.   I still have to odd one and the one I am referring to now was from 1987 and was 35 A4 pages in length.  There is an interesting page on Water quality which I will try and attach as it clearly shows how much more effective the Agency was then..

                                                   Luggs Mouth yesterday.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021


Thanks to all those who sent letters to their respective MPs regarding the oncoming vote in the

Sennedd  regarding pollution prevention.

Have to say I won't be holding my breath but they cannot let this opportunity to clear things up pass.  Can they ?


Not looking very pleasant out there but good luck to anybody who gives it a go.

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

 Middle and upper river look ok tomorrow with decent rivel levels and a little colour.  Pretty nippy out there still and possibility of some showers too.

Be glad to hear from anyone who goes out tomorrow or has any useful news or observations whatsoever.   Good Luck,

Contact me at  or 07838756253.   

Some relevant byelawys

Salmon restrictions

Use barbless or de-barbed hooks.

Fly refers to unweighted artificial fly of less than 5g in weight.

Salmon flies (trebles) are allowed up to 7mm gape - approximately a size 8. If you use larger singles or doubles, they must be de-barbed or barbless.

Only single hooks are allowed on spinners, spoons or plugs, with a maximum gape of 13mm. You can use up to a maximum of 3 singles on a plug.

Shrimp and prawn are allowed with single small treble with a gape less than 7mm.

Using treble hooks on spinners, plugs or spoons is not permitted.

Worm fishing for salmon is prohibited at all times.

Using a float in conjunction with any lure or bait to take salmon is not allowed in the Wye Fisheries District or in the Upper Severn Area.

Groundbait or feeder bait is not allowed at any time.

Monday, 1 March 2021

 River still dropping away slowly and conditions look good for opening day on Wednesday if you are so inclined and can get to the river.     As mentioned the first fish could come from almost anywhere and doubt if there will be many kelts around with the easy passage those that survive have had to get back to sea.   If you have any news which might be of interest to others please let me know.

In the meantime would be a good idea if you could spare alittle time and write to your MP regarding the below message from the Wye Salmon association.   You can do it if you are a member orr#not of course but if you not a member why not.?   Join Us - The Wye Salmon Association us

Don't see anyone else doing a lot or if they did they most probably wouldn't tell the anglers about it.




As you might know, there is a possibility that the Welsh Government will be defeated and the hard fought for Control of Agricultural Pollution Regulations thrown out in a vote at the Senedd this week. We have already had feedback that certain Plaid and Tory MS’s may well not vote for the regulations.


If you have not already done so and you live or own property in Wales, could I ask you to contact your MS urging them to vote for the regulations.  At the moment, farmers are being more vociferous than the anglers.

 Natural Resources Wales recently stated that over 60% of protected rivers in Wales exceed phosphate pollution limits – this includes the Rivers Cleddau, Eden, Gwyrfai, Teifi, Tywi, Glaslyn, Dee, Usk and Wye . These rivers support some of Wales’ most special wildlife like Atlantic salmon, freshwater pearl mussel, whiteclawed crayfish and floating water-plantain. Currently, there are minimal regulations controlling farm pollution in Wales; it is mostly governed by voluntary ‘good practice’ guidelines called the Code of Good Agricultural Practice (CoGAP). These voluntary measures are not working.

 The Control of Agricultural Pollution Regulations would align Wales with other parts of the UK and turn good practice guidelines into a set of clear and consistent mandatory measures. They also align Wales with recognised EU standards that will support future trade. They will be essential if Wales is to market its produce based on sustainability under Brand Wales. 

I attach a link to a  useful briefing note which was developed to brief MSs by Wales Environment Link

 Many thanks for your help.

 Don’t forget when writing to your MS you must attach your name and address to show you are a constituent of theirs.


Thursday, 25 February 2021


With just a week togo till opening day the weather looks set fair up till then and for  some time after if the forecasters are right.  If so conditions for some should have settled well by then as the river drops away., especially on the upper and middle beats and we may get some idea of how many fish are around.  Lets hope they make it to the upper middle river to give everyone a fair chance this season.   

As for getting there to fish -well that's another problem together with all the other ones they have given us.