Friday, 26 November 2021

 Cadence Company open day at Bigsweir   8th Decemeber

James Robbins has been working with Ian Gordon to design a new range of fly fishing rods under the  Cadence banner.

They are hosting an open day at the Bigsweir fishery on Wednesday 8th December, where the rods can be tried out.

Ian and James will be there, so I’m sure it will be a chance to pick up some great tips on Spey casting techniques.

James and Ian have worked on these rods to get them right, so I’m sure they will be something special.

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

 Saw this on the WUF site.  Upper Irfon spawning area.  Did Allyson warn of wading on salmon redds I wonder?

"Other observations - because of the boundary fencing and high banks be prepared to Wade across river and back again to get from one field to another but thigh waders suffice easily for this in the low conditions. Great fishery and a big thanks to Allyson for assistance"

From a report on the Usk by Guy Mawle;

High flows in late spring and early autumn that offered good opportunities for salmon

migration and angling. Otherwise, flows were low limiting angling to tidal reaches.

• Rod catches were very poor in 2021, possibly the worst on record. The declared rod catch

for the Usk, when available from catch returns next April, is predicted to be between 124

and 170 salmon, best estimate 146.

• Catches peaked in June and October.

• The average weight of salmon in 2021 was relatively high at 10.5lbs reflecting a

particularly poor run of grilse.

• Adult stock status for Usk salmon will drop from ‘Probably at Risk’ to ‘At Risk’.

• Concern continues about the sustained low abundance of juvenile salmon. Climate and

now low adult abundance offer partial explanations but there appear to be other

unexplained problems within the river.



March: Overall flows were about average, less extreme than in recent years.

April/May: Flows dropped steadily during April to be followed by an exceptionally wet May which

should have encouraged salmon migration. The river was mostly unfishable until the last week when

angling conditions were good.

June to August: Early June continued to offer good angling conditions but flows thereafter dropped

fairly steadily, with occasional small rises. The second half of July was hot. Average daily water

temperatures at Trostrey weir exceeded 18 °C from the 14th to 29th, peaking at over 23°C. The Usk

Fishing Association advised fisheries to close until temperatures dropped.

September: Water temperatures were high again at the beginning of September, above 18°C, the

level at which NRW advises that salmon may not survive catch and release. Flows remained low until

the river rose on 27th.

October: As in late spring, conditions for migration and then angling were good until the season

closed on 17th.

2. Rod catch of Usk salmon

2.1 Seasonal totals: Catches were provided for ‘Index fisheries’ in the middle and lower reaches,

i.e. Upper Llangybi; Lower Llangybi (from David Addams-Williams); three Merthyr Tydfil AA fisheries

(from Gary Davies); Monkswood (from Helen Harrison); Llanover (from Ross Murray); the Usk Town

Water (Chris Brain) and Isca AC’s three fisheries (from Andrew Beattie). Together these totalled 109,


less than half the 2020 total of 232, and only slightly above the 105 for 2018, when the Usk recorded

its lowest ever rod catch.

2.2 Salmon licence holders are required to make individual catch returns to NRW by the end of

December. Not all do, but these ‘declared’ catches are used by NRW, with some adjustment, to

assess stock status. There is a strong correlation between the catches at Index fisheries and the

declared catch.


Tuesday, 23 November 2021

 Redds on the upper Wye just above Newbridge;

A friend sent me this from last weeks Angling Times/  Propaganda or pixxing into the wind/  A few parr here and there are not the answer, even if they have not already been eaten!!!!

Monday, 22 November 2021

 Bit of a nip in the air now with overnight frosts and a report that fish are spawning on the Usk with redds visible from the Town Bridge and upstream along the Prom wall apparently  Some decent sized clean looking fish amongst them but also a few dead ones dead one and others carrying disease/spawning fungus. Spawning  should get into full swing from now on on both rivers and tributaries.

Friday, 19 November 2021

Not heard of much spawning activity yet.  Perhaps colder temperatures forecast for next week will get them in the mood.

 From Salmon and Trout Association;

Government admits to a massive failure to prevent illegal dumping of raw sewage in our rivers.

Friday, 19th November 2021

We have been pointing out the flaw in allowing sewage works to monitor their own discharges for years, only to be assured by the regulators that all was fine.
Well, guess what, it isn’t.
Research from Professor Peter Hammond of Windrush Against Sewage Pollution and S&TC - including a detailed complaint to the (then) interim Office for Environmental Protection made early this year - has exposed the routine criminal breaching of discharge permits.
Now, with the threat of installing new monitors, water companies have started to own up to their crimes which has finally forced our regulators to act.
The Environment Agency (EA) and Ofwat have launched a major investigation into sewage treatment works, after new checks led to water companies admitting that they could be releasing unpermitted sewage discharges into rivers and watercourses.  
This investigation will involve more than 2000 sewage treatment works, with any company caught breaching their legal permits facing enforcement action, possibly including fines or prosecutions.  Fines can be up to 10% of annual turnover for civil cases, or unlimited in criminal proceedings.
CEO, Nick Measham said: 
“Our report earlier this year, on the Environment Agency’s first 25 years, pointed out the problems which have been obvious to many for years. 
We welcome any action to prevent water companies systematically and illegally dumping sewage in rivers, but this is also an admission of shocking failure by the regulators as well.
Government needs to consider how to restore public faith in both water companies and in our environmental regulator. Perhaps it might decide that some heads should roll?”
Guy Linley-Adams, Solicitor for S&TC said:
“This action is at least a decade too late. But better late than never. But where is the shame? Where is the apology from the two complicit regulators, the Environment Agency and OFWAT, and from DEFRA itself?
Collectively, they made this appalling sewage pollution of our rivers possible with years of weak ‘look-the-other-way’ regulation of the water companies, allowing the companies to self-monitor their own sewage works and failing to require anything like adequate investment in sewerage infrastructure.
We expect the water companies to breach permits, because complying with permits costs money, money they would rather pay out in dividends.
But the public will want to know how the Environment Agency, and OFWAT, and DEFRA dare put out their respective statements, without also apologising for their manifest failures to protect our rivers over many years.”


Wednesday, 17 November 2021

 WUF new meeting place and also a new venue;

The Foundation's 2021 Annual Meeting

Our 2021 Annual Meeting will be held at 7.00pm on Thursday 2nd December at the Castle Hotel, Brecon. This is a free event and anyone is welcome to come along.

However, for COVID reasons, numbers this year are restricted and booking a space in advance is essential. Regretfully, anyone turning up without having booked a place cannot be permitted entrance.

Bookings can be made via this page or by email onlyWe require a name, telephone number and email address for everyone who is reserving a place. Please do not book multiple places under one name.

More spaces may become available closer to the time depending on the prevailing COVID restrictions.

Meeting Itinerary

There will be presentations from WUF staff and an opportunity to ask questions regarding the Foundation's activities. Our guest speaker will be Oli Brown of Natural Resources Wales who will be giving an update on the smolt tracking project on the Usk.

A buffet of sandwiches, tea and biscuits will be provided. The hotel's bar will be open too. 

We very much look forward to seeing you there.

Book a place


Tuesday, 16 November 2021

 Salmon fishing opportunity next season.

Rod availability in Bigsweir syndicate for 2022 season


Wye Salmon Association has the opportunity to offer six rods fishing for salmon on a Friday fortnightly basis on the prime lower river Wye salmon fishery at Bigsweir. The six rods will be part of a long established syndicate that has fished this beat for over 25 years. For the 2022 season each rod will fish alternate Fridays.

   The fishery has six beats and two rods fish each beat. The rods fish a beat in the morning and another in the afternoon, rotating at 1pm. This fishery has the bonus of being influenced by tidal heights which during high tides bring fresh salmon into the beats. Bigsweir is the first major salmon fishery on the Wye though a smaller beat is located downstream which is only very lightly fished.

   There is no Ghillie, but the syndicate organiser will be happy to show new rods all the beats in both high and low water conditions throughout the entire season. He will also be on hand to offer tackle advice for both spinning and fly fishing.

  Before the season start, each rod will be sent a rota showing their allocated beats for each day and any associated tide information. All rods must pay a 50% non refundable deposit by agreement with the syndicate organiser. The balance to be paid by the end of January 2022.

This Friday fishing opportunity has arisen because a number of rods have not fished the last two seasons due to covid and the associated restrictions that were imposed. This in turn has caused some rods to cease fishing because of this. Although Bigsweir was only lightly fished in 2019, it still produced 90+ salmon. In 2021 it only produced 42 salmon. The main reason for this low catch was the fact that not many anglers fished their rods this season. This last season produced a mixed bag of fish at Bigsweir to the syndicate rods, as well as salmon, seatrout, bass and rainbow trout were also caught during the season.

If you are interested to fish at Bigsweir for the 2022 salmon season and would like further details, please contact Peter Hickman.


Home tel no 01981 500189

OR   You might like to attend this event?