Wednesday, 28 October 2020

 Plenty more rain on the way it seems which should ensure that spawning fish should be able to reach their desired location for spawning.  Lets hope however we do not get the huge washout we experienced last season over the whole catchment.

WSA continues to expand it water temperature logging and phosphate sampling conducted by volunteers in various parts of the catchment. There will be 36 sites for temperature reading and 15 for phosphate sampling which could provide valuable information.   If you are not already a member please consider joining their efforts/  £10 per year is all that's asked.

Strange goings on on the Severn is seems with it's much vaunted easing of fish passage at weirs now being much taled about especially for Shad - who seem to have managed very nicely without it.  True its said to be an endangered species and would be sad to lose it but seems to have no value from from any pecuniary or sporting value as we are not allowed to fish for them in any event.   Having opened up the river there is now a proposal to erect a dam above Shrewsbury to, so it's said, protect flood defences . Due to flood a large area with the height of the river raised 15 feet or so.  Just how this will affect the salmons migration to upper river tributaries seem to be in the lap of the gods, not to mention  the lose of many river beats,.Said to have the support of the EA and Defra.   Sounds madness.

Tied a lot of flies during the lockdown so will be offering selections at a good price if anyone is interest.

Below are three lots of large pike flies up to 6/7" which can also be fished off a spinning rod with a little weight uptrace. Ianyone is interested let me know,   £11.00 post free.

                                                                     Lot 1


Lot 2
                                                                         Lot 3.

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