Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Apologies for the recent messy print out.  Not sure what happened.

Anyway two more fish from Dolgau before the upper river extension ended which in my opinion anyway is a real pity that this silly extra fishing time for fish more or less on the redds is still allowed under our present dire circumstances.

Seems to be a lot of big barbel being caught now as coarse fishing gradually takes over the middle river in particular.   However one feedback post from the WUF site left me a little open mouthed.  On guy reports due to high water he had to use a 6oz lead to hold bottom. Hells bells what sort of tackle was he using to be able to cast that -a beachcaster    That plus a big barbel on the end must have been quite something.

'Coarse' fishing thats for sure but not as we knew it!!

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