Thursday, 20 July 2017

Promise of rain again tonight and tomorrow.  Could be heavy they say - up to 50mm on high ground so lets hope its not another empty promise though we on the Wye should be used to that by now from one source or another I reckon.   Lets wait and see.  In the meantime slightly cooler but very low conditions remain.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Well the threat of severe rain and thunderstorms proved to be another damp squib with not enough water to drown a rat so conditions remain very much unchanged.

You may recall some time ago a plea was made for anglers to log sighting of Cormorants or goosanders and chicks and send them in to Chris James of Hereford anglers in an attempt to collate information re numbers leading to a full river count in the autumn.  There was, one has to say unsurprisingly -little response.

see below email and  reply from WSA re this matter.

Yet another matter WUF seem uninterested in pursuueing.  No grant money I suppose!!


Sent: 18 July 2017 18:06
To: Stuart Smith <>
Subject: Re: WSA Game Angling Dayout

HI again stuart  is it possible to forward this via the wsa  so as to get some sort of feedback. Regards phil

Hi Stuart ,I know I emailed you sometime ago ref bird predation on the upper wye and spawning grounds , I feel compelled to tell you of a incident yesterday while fishing the white swan water on the ithon,  in a half mile stretch myself and a friend counted 44.  Yes 44 gooseander  now these fish are having such an easy time feeding as the water is so low ,   the week before I fished the teme  at hambridge  and counted 18. , I am left so frustrated with wsa for not commenting on this which is now becoming an epidemic , I speak to other fishing pals and they are encountering similar events , regardless of how much work. Or money which is going to or has been spent on improving the spawning grounds , all we are doing is going to be a complete waste of time and give false hope to all salmon anglers , WHEN are we as a body going to tackle this issue  because regardless of how many fish make it back ultimately  all we are doing is  feeding this  plague , I have fished these areas for many years and have never seen anything like it and left to feel so frustrated , almost gutted to see the devastation ,  are we as anglers or as a body to  scared to mention this for fear of offending  the likes of the RSPB ?  Of which I am a member ,  but there has to be a balance and some redress , before its to late ,  I have to say I feel sick to pit of my stomach , with the way this issue is being ignored , PLEASE PLEASE stuart  get this subject on the agenda before it is to late.   Regards 


You are right, this is a very real problem that many of us have found almost impossible to deal with. I can assure you it is not for the want of trying. We are currently working with Hereford anglers and Angling Trust on the issue and are planning with those two groups to carry out a whole river count of both Goosanders and Cormorants later in the year to present a case to NRW/EA for an increase in the numbers on the culling licenses. As a volunteer organisation we struggle to find volunteers to lead all the initiatives needed to protect our salmon. We would be happy to discuss the issue further with you if you feel you could offer some leadership on this matter. In the short term I will however…….

Copy your email [anonymously if you wish] to NRW/EA/AT/WUF for comment

Put your text on our website and facebook pages.

Ask Geoff Franks to put it on his gillies blog

Raise it at the next Wye Local Fisheries Group [LFG] meeting November

Please be assured we are not afraid to upset RSPCA/RSPB or anyone else but this is a subject that has little popular support outside the angling community…………..your average member of population sees these vermin as warm blooded, fluffy, cuddly birds. We however MUST find a way of moving it up the agenda. If you feel you would like to help please let me know.


Stuart Smith

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Another hot day with rising river temperatures again not that it will bother some it seems. Thunderstorm may affect us later with the possibility of some significant rain, patchy though it may be.

Saw this on another Forum today - the one where a certain Mr Bradshaw keeps off anyone who disagrees with or wishes to argue the toss with WUF. to the extent that some of us, myself included are denied a right of reply.  The author of the below, one Stephen Marsh Smith of course knows this;/

"Funny that's the same website I get when I press in my favourites. As one, who with fishing friends and tenants, is frequently, if not criticised daily for even fishing at all, he is so transparently two faced. Certain other beats near the bottom never gets criticised, no matter how hot and how many are flogging it, or how many fish are held out of the water to be photographed.

To get to your other perfectly fair criticism: no, that fish could have been held in the water, in the net and then released, ideally, but that's a matter of education and explanation.....who better that the Guru of Despair himself?

Finally the endangered miracle would possibly not be there if owners and anglers hadn't stumped up essential core funding to restore the river with schemes such as net buy offs, habitat restoration, headwater liming, fish passes etc. Pragmatic I suppose, but what's the use of doing nothing and letting the salmon die out but standing proud with a clear conscience saying: "I never fished for them" when they are gone and lost for ever.....


Whilst I am of course deeply humbled at being on his list of 'favourite'  sites he rarely gets his facts right, not that that's bothered him during his long tenancy at WUF either come to that.
The first paragraph is patently untrue so won't even address it.

As for the second that fish was taken in a pool called never Say Die on the Nyth beat - he knows it well.  A fast water spout pool set in slate like bedrock, seriously dangerous when wet and NO ONE wades in there.  Being an old git himself now I doubt even he would attempt it never mind younger less experienced anglers and a young lady to boot.  The fish was netted, laid on the rock to remove the hook, to do otherwise would have meant taking it a considerable distance from the water, and it was then held to recover and released.

Finally a good many of us have used our time voluntarily, and our money to help revive this river, despite direct opposition from WUF.  We paid out a big proportion of RWGA funds to supposedly buy out the putcher rank  which, like many of WUF schemes turned out to be not quite what it seemed.  With the benefit of past experience and hindsight he may well be able to
bullshit a good proportion of people with interests in our river but he can't bullshit the actaul, local anglers.
Apart from the net buyout which surely did have an effect which is still ongoing I see next to nothing on the river that has actually improved one jot.  Just take the claims of improved water quality and then go fish in the brown sludge of the bottom river.   Putting up fences and cutting down trees, oh and then putting them back again, and then forgetting to do any maintanance so its worse than before, then taking out 'blockages' then seeing the effects thinking  'oh, perhaps we shouldn't have done that etc.etc ' Fry and Parr results are dire, signal crayfish are in our tributaries and almost certainly the main river too but what the hell, where is the money for our next project, where can we get the cash to sustain all our staff.  Only a couple of seasons ago at the annual Meeting Mr Marsh Smith said  they had done nearly all they could on the Wye and sea survival was the crucial factor.

I won't go on otherwise it would take me a month. Problem is I know him and his Foundation rather too well and he knows it A short time after the foundation was formed I came to the conclusion he was not the man for the job and left it on the basis that it was being run on an agenda  not entirely in the interests of the fishermen. I have seen nothing since to change my mind basing it on what I see and experience first hand and not what others would like me to believe.

Good that he reads the blog though, at least he gets some actual facts not fantasies!!!
Wouldn't it be nice too to see a photo of a fish from the 'local angler' on the Rectory -purely for verification purposes you understand.

Gosh, he's read it already,
 "PS I spotted ......"I wont go on...." in the latest whingeathon. Fingers crossed!"

Of Dear -I have a long memory Mr SMS -enough to seriously embarrass you with perhaps so 'fingers crossed' might just be appropriate. 

Monday, 17 July 2017

Some rain in the upper catchment yesterday and on the upper Irfon however I suspect as it moves its way downriver in will be undetectable.  Hot temperatures returning the next couple of days. Though I don't suspect this will bother 'local angler' in the neck of the Rectory of the others spinning there,. Now probably the most fished beat pro rata on the whole river/   WUF's silence throughout this algea and heat problems on the river has been frankly disgraceful with seemingly no regard whatsoever for fish welfare.

Someone suggested the reported 28/30lb salmon hooked on Gromaine on fly and played for over an hour is probably dead- have to say I would tend to  agree with that.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Stable river  conditions maintained. Low, Clear Warm.  A couple of fish reported though.

5lbs from  Llangoed on Saturday.  5lbs  James Wilmot Spinning.

Redbrook. 12lbs coloured fish, Simon McLucas on fly.

Youngsters from canon Pyon Junior Academy examing kick samples on their day out at
Whitney court.

Sunday 16 July 2017

7:37 amRedbrook: 12lbs coloured fish for Simon Maclucas on a flamethrower

Saturday 15 July 2017

6:59 pmLlangoed and Llanstephan: 5lbs fish for James Wilmott on spinner as well as a pike


Saturday, 15 July 2017

Nothing to report so far from yesterday though it seems a couple of fish were lost at upper
Bigswier.   Lower river now clear of algae and better fishing conditions with slightly lower temperatures at the moment.   River levels pretty much on it's knees however and prospects are
not good by any means.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Rise well over now. seems no prospect of any more rain and warming up next week again so they say.

Some fish have been reported from the upper river.

Wednesday. Glanwye 30" fish from the Lady pool.
Ty-Nywedd 12lb fish Andrew Kelton on fly.
Gromain. 28/30lb  fish reported from The spring Pool for George Ottewell.
Hope we get a picture of that one!!!!!!!!!