Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Still no change in conditions. algae realy bad on lower river and now ell upstream to the upper beats too.  Also bad on the Monnow too I understand.  Disgraceful really.

Plenty of barbel anglers out too it seems and on the goodish salmon beats too.  These guys seem willing to pay £45 for a days coarse fishing- completely crazy or what!!  At least it's a reward for those owners who stood by and did nothing while the river nosedived. As for the EA Officials who also watched it happen -  well some still have their jobs in NRW presiding over the Towy disaster seemingly unwilling or unable to take any action to protect the river.

Monday, 18 June 2018

The two fish yesterday from the Golden mile/Sheepwash seem to be the only ones caught yesterday.
Conditions remain the same.

I have an american angler asking about a trip to the Wye in august rather than his usual one to the Spey.  What would you advise him I wonder?    He will be getting the truth anyway or should I put him in touch with WUF.!!

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Slightly cooler weather may help the algae in the short term but no much sign so far.

Doubt it will affect the barbel and chub too much and no doubt many beats will have full compliments of coarse fishermen.  Sign of the times I suppose.

Two fish from Golden mile this weekend despite low water, heavy weed, canoes bank to bank, otters all over the place ,algae and inexperienced rods.  Just goes to show what a good gillie can do for you.
Pretty fresh fish too.

Tom Hunnings with his nine pounder  Black f/c

James Armstrong with his 11 pounder also on a black f/c

Friday, 15 June 2018

Not a lot to say really is there.  June -one of our prime months is on its knees due to a combination of very low water on the upper beats, low levels and colour on the middle beats and the virtually impossible situation with thick algae on the lower river.
Anglers are getting a raw deal for sure and a complete disaster is staring us in the face,  A few quality fish it's true but numbers are dire and the river has, it's plain to see, a very low stock of fish, even before the algae.

Lets not go into whose to blame. Many of us know who they are and they are still secure in their jobs, still pumping out positives about the river.
The Towy seems to be in an even worse situation and the Usk too is low on numbers it seems. 

At least someone's still catching.  Young lady from Stretton Sugwas School on WSA School course
yesterday into a trout.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

No significant rain overnight and dire warnings of high winds from the Met Office failed to materialise -again.  No significant change in conditions.

Upper Bigswier managed to extract one from the soup yesterday with a 10lb fish to Dennis Robinson,  on fly too.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Despite the algae a 10lb fish reported yesterday from Wyesham, on fly to Mike Timmis.
Seems it can be done?

LATEST.  Seem algae on lower river is worse today than yesterday. So much for improved water quality/

Stan Turners 16lb fish from the Pulpit, Aramsone June 9th/  F/C

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

A few days off and back to an algae bloom on the lower river. Oh well.   Just the odd fish from Wyesham it seems otherwise pretty grim.  May be lower temperatures and a little rain later in the week will help otherwise it could be a pretty desperate June.  Very low on the upper river and tribs.
Weed growth pretty rampant in some parts too and with the prospect of barbel anglers out in force soon and obviously not many salmon present in the system  it almost makes you wonder why we bother at all.!!

Has anyone got Maurice Hudson (Cadora Backs) telephone number please.

About 18" visibility on lower river today;  See below