Sunday, 20 January 2019

Would everyone have a look at this please and reply with your opinion..  No right of navigation downstream of Glasbury.  Only two options available in my opinion.  No canoes whatsoever or a realistic height restriction which prevents fishing.  Full stop.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Sian Barnes <>
Subject: Upper Glas-y-Bont canoe launch proposals - Consultation webpage and survey for response
Date: 16 January 2019 at 15:57:37 GMT
To: Sian Barnes <>
Cc: Stephan Butcher <>

Dear all,

I am writing further to my email of 20th November 2018, when I asked you to consider some management options for management of canoe launching from Upper Glas-y-Bont common and contribute any ideas that you have about further options. Many thanks for your responses to that, which have resulted in a number of additional options being added for consideration.

We are now inviting more detailed responses in relation to each of the options. A full list of the options, information about the consultation and a survey for response can be found on the Council website at:

As we have not been able to release the consultation page and survey until later than originally intended, the deadline for response has been extended to Sunday 17th February.

If you, your organisation or association would like to discuss any of the proposals with me in person before replying, I would be happy to do that, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks again for your time in considering this.


Sian Barnes
Definitive Map and Commons Registration Officer
Gwasanaethau Cefn Gwlad / Countryside Services
Cyngor Sir Powys / Powys County Council
Ffon / Tel: 01597 827595

Friday, 18 January 2019

Please find time to sign the petition below.  Should be one everywhere salmon farms operate.

Dear Fishing Friends!
We were very concerned to recently learn about the new legislative draft mapping out the future fish farming industry in Iceland!
Please consider signing the petition and sharing on social media to challenge the Icelandic government to move the salmon farming industry into environmentally friendly production methods.
We must do everything possible to protect wild Atlantic Salmon!
Thank you!
Vladimir and Justin

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Bit depressing watching this evenings Countryfile programme on TV.   Seem that RSPB reserves on the |Kent coast are actively encouraging Cormorants who seem to be there in their hundreds if not thousand already.  Even try to improve fish stocks to improve the food fish available for the birds.    What chance have we got.!!

Also a highlight on the increasing difficult in re cycling plastic, especially the type use by farmers to
bind hay bales and the like.  Big stocks building in up in open field sites with seemingly no where to go.  No one seems to have an answer.

Looks like we could be in for a cold spell towards the end of the week and thereafter.  Had to happen really.
River low but in good condition.  No reports of much earlier spawning activity still.  WUF tight lipped as usual.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Yet another bloody poultry application just outside Builth wells near a brook running into the Wye.
This was discussed at Ministers Question time at WAG yesterday.   Members indicated that Powys was already saturated with these Belsen type  atrocities.
 WUF have so called farm advisors.  Do they ever object to these applications I wonder.  We may never know.  They never tell us.  They operate in almost total secrecy.  Don't you despair at the bloody hypocrisy of it all.    Planning committees and local community councils are all usually farmer dominated and help perpetuate this situation.   Our local one at Bronyyd was built within 50 yards of a private house, near a local caravan site with exit onto a dangerous road, next to a brook yet still approved.  The whole thing is a complete disgrace.!!!!!!!!
Tamzin Law  the planning Officer wants a -------------------------- better hold it there.

Below is an excellent response from WSA Chairman Stuart Smith.

Member of the Public
Customer objects to the Planning Application
Reasons for comment:
- Affect local ecology
- Close to adjoining properties
- Increase of pollution
- Over development
- Potentially contaminated land
I Represent Wye Salmon Association with 285 active salmon anglers of the River Wye. Mine and WSA objection is with regard to the proliferation of chicken farms many perilously close to the River Wye and its tributaries, an area supposed to be protected nationally as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and internationally as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) under the European Habitats and Species Directive. We are concerned about the potential for pollution and its impact on the flora and fauna of the river valley and in particular the already massively depleted stock of Atlantic Salmon, currently classed as “at risk” by Natural Resources Wales.
18/0475/FUL is sited within 10m of Cnithio Brook which runs into the River Wye some 2km down stream. Since water contamination may also arise as a result of run off from outdoor ranges and hardstanding, shed washing, soil erosion and contaminated waters from shed roofs, the proximity to the brook should be a major concern.

Poultry manure has the highest concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium of all animal manures. Clearly a valuable fertiliser, poultry manure is also a potent pollution risk if inappropriately stored, spread, or transported.

18/0475/FUL plans to spread (and store) the manure on the surrounding farmland, all of which drains into the Brook.

In addition there is already a 36,000 egg laying unit at the farm the opposite side of the valley 700m from this intended site, they already spread their manure on their farmland, which also slopes towards the Brook รข€" no cumulative effects have been accounted for within this application despite the fact they are supposed to be.

IPUs emit ammonia and poultry dust, and generate large amounts of traffic on otherwise quiet rural roads. Ammonia deposition significantly contributes to the nitrogen enrichment which is fatal to many of our rarer plants. Poultry dust is categorised as a substance hazardous to human health by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and is linked with respiratory complaints and with potential for permanent lung damage.

There is a rule that you can’t build a new house, office or school within 400m of an IPU, sadly however the planning regs for building an IPU next to a house state that in general they should be at least 400m from a house, this one is within 100m of a house and within 250m of two other residencies.

Ah if only!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Also a million eggs for the river Tay hatchery this season.
One mans ego ehh!!   Plus the EA?NRW  one hand does exactly the opposite to another despite having the same operator??

 Busy 40th year for Kielder Salmon Centre

Published 28 December 2018
From:Environment Agency

Kielder Salmon Centre manager Richard Bond

Around 360,000 salmon and 20,000 sea trout have been released into tributaries of the River Tyne this year as the Environment Agency’s Kielder Salmon Centre celebrated its 40th anniversary.

The centre was built in 1978 to compensate for the building of Kielder Reservoir – the biggest man-made lake in Northern Europe – which cut off around 7% of the River Tyne catchment including some of the best spawning streams for salmon.

This year has also seen it create a new £100,000 visitor centre which opened to the public in September as the centre focuses on becoming an education and conservation 

Monday, 7 January 2019

Not been easy to determine the winner of last seasons River Rye Gillies cup for the best fly caught salmon.   Three anglers all caught fish of identical weights.
It does not seem there is a fair way to single one of them out so we have decided to inscribe all three names on the cup as joint winners.

John Watkinson
Cascade Tube
Alan Davies
Weir Pool
Jonathan Graves
Lower Winforton
Terry Ward
Gold Bodied Willie Gunn Tube
Landed by his long suffering Gillie!
Geoff Franks

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Looks like a prolonged dry spell might be in the offing so any redds should remain pretty safe, if you can find any that is.  Reports of the odd kelt showing beow Hereford and even a redd seen on the lower river.

If you get invited to an organised shoot it must be pretty embarrassing, not to say downright dangerous if your gun barrel explodes.  I hear it happened to an illustrious member of WUF recently who escaped serious injury.  Leave you to speculate on who it was. No comments please.!!!

Saw this on another forum;   Was this not the same guy who was advising NRW, WAG WUF in recent years on fishery matters.  says it all really.

Default Professor condemns C&R

On page 25 of today's Scottish Daily Mail is a piece quoting Professor of aquatic biology at Swansea university, Carlos Garcia de Leaniz.

It warns of extinction of Scottish salmon unless there is a complete ban on fishing for them, including catch and release.
He likens fishing for salmon with hunting tigers, cheetahs and black rhino.

Quote:- "Catch and release is just like shooting black rhinos with darts, and only for fun. Would you do it?"

There is no mention of catches by netting or salmon farms, only angling.2