Sunday, 24 September 2017

River dropping only slowly with improved visibility though still on the high side for the hish water beats..  Conditions ideal in many areas.  Should be a big day today perhaps!.

Yesterdays fish.

10lb Spreadeagle to Roger Plowden
Wyesham  15lbs for Gordon Richards
3 reoported from Lower Symonds Yat ???

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Small rise in the upper river overnight, about three inches on most gauges and should keep fish on the move.

Friday, 22 September 2017

No further rain overnight so river falling on upper beats  Looks like the old stagers are coming out to play with still more than  three weeks to go so looks set for a late season bash of the spawning stock!??

Probably the best day of the season yesterday, for numbers anyway .  More fish below.

Two from Upper Bigswier to Steve Dawes 10 and 12
Three from redbrook for Robin Stewart  8-19lbs
Wyesham  Three fish 9-20lbs  Owner, Gillie and Peter Huntingdon
Four from Goodrich to Oliver Burchall mid doubles.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Met Office brilliant at getting things wrong again.  Dire warnings of 2" of rain turn into a trickle.  Just a couple of inches height on the upstream gauges mean that little will change in the short term,

More fish from yesterday.

Wyesham four fish to Joe Cobley 10-15lbs.
Two from Lower Glanwye. 22 and 15lbs for Joe Manning.
Rocks 6lbs.
Anyone lost a quality wading stick in the Bredwardine area ?   Been in the water some time. Contact Arthur Knight  01432 343682.  The one he found may be yours.

Some talk in the Welsh Asssembly re access and fishing.
Starts a little way into the video. Questions to Lesley Griffiths but mostly
the usual uncommitted politician speak.

Fish today with about 6 inches of water on the upper river.
Tim Macfarlane  14lbs Sheepwash,.
Glanwye 12l;bs Bert Williams
Tyr Celyn  Anon reports three fish  8-17lbs
Wyesham 6lbs John Symonds

Tim Macfarlands fish from Sheephouse today

)One of Nigel Smiths fish from Golden Mile yesterday.

One for Gerry Oddie from the same beat.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Stable conditions remain but a warning of up to 2" of rain on Wednesday evening/Thursday so make the best of it now.

Ricky Reno reports a fish of around 11lbs from Caemawr yesterday.
Tony Perrin adds another from Whitney yesterday 11lbs
4lb coloured grilse for Nathan Jubb from Upper Bigswier yesterday
14lb fish from Spreadeagle by Roger Smith on Monday..

More fish today;
two fish 7 and 8lbs from the Nyth
two from Spreadeagle for Alistair Thompson
One from Boatside 12ls.
Three from the Golden Mile to Nigel Smith 9 12 and 14lbs
One 12lbs to Jerry Oddie from the same beat.
One from Caemawr to Ricky Reno  2olbs
One from Upper Bigswier to David Reville, also 20lbs

Ricky's fish from Caemawr below.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Riverb still dropping and clearing. More rain expected late Wednesday into Thursday which may have a part to play.

Spreadeagle  9lb fish to David Thompson
Five fish today and yesterday reported from Abernant by Graeme Ingram-Evans 9 to 14lbs/
Three from the Rocks 2 last sunday -one today. 10-14lbs no name.
Not to be left out a 5lbs fish from llangoed to Tim Hughes.

Monday, 18 September 2017

River still dropping slowly but nothing reported from yesterday so far which is somewhat surprising
with plenty of anglers about -well on some beats anyway.  there should as usual, given the present water be a surge of backenders caught though there is still time yet.

Fish toady.
One for the upper river as shpuld be expected. 12lb to Rod Symondson at doldowlod.
Gromain. 15lbs for Joe Cobley.
Bigswier report 10 so far this month.
Two from the Rectory to Oliver Burch.
One from Whitney to Tony Perrin 10lbs


In fishing there are good days and bad days. Also good days that turn in bad ones and vice versa.
Mine started off OK with the first real day off for months.  An old friend called, we had a good chat. He left with some flies and myself with a bottle of 56.7% proof Islay whisky.
I also had an invite to fish the Usk near Crickhowel which would be my first serious days fishing this season. I arrived at the beat about 1.0pm  Water was up a little and carrying considerable colour but looked good nevertheless. Met another angler who had fished the beat that morning with no sign of a fish.
  I started at the head of a fast run with an intermediate tip and a small Cascade and a few yards down the run had a seemingly really solid take from what felt like a good fish.It came unstuck after a couple of seconds..  Carried on down and shortly afterwards a more tentative pull which I am sure was a salmon. That didn't stick either but hey there are fish about.   Carried on down in fast water about waist deep before deciding it was not safe to go any further with a steep high bank behind me, fast water and unknown wading ahead.
Anyway turning round to wade back  I stumbled on an underwater boulder and fell over backwards with a complete immersion. ( Yes I know, gales of laughter from some quarters with WUF HQ rocking but hey, who cares.The person laughing loudest must remember he was fishing above be on the Tay one day when his cap came floating past-no joke at the time)
I was wearing chest waders which as many will know are full of air and bring your feet to the surface so you float on your back.  I managed to hand paddle to the bank, stiff with brambles which frankly I needed to hold on to hence resulting blood. It was hells job to get my feet back down to the bottom but did eventually did so and managed to stand up.   I thought my rod was gone as I dropped in on the initial stumble but saw it swept into the said brambles some way further downstream and I managed wityh considerable difficulty  to wade down and retrieve it. Certainly wasn't going to leave it.  My first thought after that was for my Apple iphone in my trouser pocket which I took out and stuffed into the neck of my jumper though that was as wet as anywhere else as I waded back some way to find a way out.  Waders off, walk back down two mercifully grassy fields in my socks to the car and only a fleece to change into.  I debated whether or not to carry on but clouds were looming and I drove back in heavy rain storm.
Downsides?   Sodden cloth's soggy wallet, waistcoat and fly boxes the same, cigarettes ruined and no spares in the car, my fathers gold wristwatch not working at the moment, obviously not waterproof, plus bruised ego.  First time I have fallen in having fished the treacherous wading of the upper Wye  such as the Nyth , Glanwye  Erwood etc for best part of 40 years..
On the plus side my iphone amazingly still works, wallet has dried out as have my fly boxes.   Had a warm shower, central heating on and drinking some of that Islay malt.So all's well that ends well.
Should I have had a lifejacket on - probably. Should I have taken my wading stick -certainly. Should I be fishing at my age -definately.

Beware. It could be your turn next with perhaps not such a good outcome.!!