Monday, 17 June 2019

River dropping in most areas but further rain in the upper catchment is likely to prompt another rise over the next day or so.  Wouldnt get too excited about starting again just yet.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

River levels  starting to fall off somewhat and starting to clear on the upper river where it's fishable above the Ithon though there is the hint of further rain in the upper catchment
Lower and middle beats will have to wait some time for sure before they can fish again.

See the below link. 
Makes one wonder why , if they can curtail  anglers and Estuary netting of various sorts why they can't simply ban the taking of elvers which they say are endangered.  Not termed another 'heritage' fishery is it????

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Levels starting to drop on uppermost river but still very high for everywhere else.  Be some time yet for sure for most especially the bottom river beats,

Friday, 14 June 2019

Some more rain overnight is not helping levels and it looks like it may be some time before we can fish again.  Long range forecast is decidedly 'iffy' too.

Latest.   Had a good look at the river this morning.  Its a real mess to say the least.  Looks as though half the topsoil of Hereford is in suspension.  Its always been the same fair to say but minus the chemical crap thats now in there too.  No doubt all the sewage works have flushed out their systems and got rid of all the crap so as not to cause a visible problem.

Press release

Emergency byelaw to protect salmon stocks throughout the Severn

The Environment Agency is today introducing an emergency byelaw to protect salmon in the River Severn and its estuary, after a review of recent data showed a significant reduction in salmon stock levels in the Severn.
An Environment Agency fisheries officer kneeling in shallow water holding a salmon
Under the emergency byelaw, which takes effect on 15 June 2019, draft net and putcher fishing in the Severn estuary will be prohibited. Lave net fishing will operate on a catch and release basis only.
The emergency byelaw will also make catch and release for rod and line fishing compulsory on the whole of the Severn for the remainder of the current rod season, which lasts until 7 October.
The move to protect this salmon population comes after figures on the stock levels for the Severn, Wye and Usk, which salmon from the Severn estuary migrate to, showed numbers were extremely low.
The decline in numbers means that every fish returned safely could contribute to improving the spawning population this autumn.
Reducing the taking of salmon is only one part of the Environment Agency’s larger national programme to protect salmon stocks.
Actions taken by the Environment Agency and its partners that contribute to protecting salmon stocks include removing barriers, improving water quality, minimising predation, implementing better agricultural practices and addressing unsustainable water abstractions.
The Environment Agency is taking these actions because of the need to protect salmon stocks that have declined to unsustainable population levels in many of our rivers. The decline in the numbers of wild salmon, seen not just in English rivers but throughout the North Atlantic, is of great concern and the Environment Agency is determined to protect the future of this important species.
David Hudson Environment Manager for Gloucestershire said:
This has not been an easy decision to take. We have looked at other options, such as reduced catch limits for both net and rod fishermen and voluntary catch and release for lave net and rod fishermen, but felt that stopping any salmon being taken on the Severn this season through a byelaw was necessary to protect salmon in the river.
Fishing is only one of a number of factors that have led to the fall in salmon stocks in the Severn; environmental factors at critical times in the salmon’s life cycle also play a part. We are particularly concerned this year about the effects of the very hot summer of 2018. We had hoped that the numbers would improve in the autumn but this hasn’t happened.
We understand the impact this will have on fishermen, but only by the use of immediate and robust action, with cooperation from others, can we prevent the collapse of salmon stocks in the Severn in the future.
We are liaising with our colleagues in Natural Resources Wales and Natural England and with those affected. We will continue to monitor fish stocks throughout the season in order to reach a decision about our next steps before the start of the 2020 season.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

More rain overnight prompting a further rise in levels though not huge.
Looks like levels for running fish will be maintained for a while so hope for the upper river.  Could be the best period of the season when levels settle.  Wouldn't be too difficult would it.?

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Decent dirty spate on the upper river beats which apparently has still not made a significant difference to lower beats though it should do shortly.

Mike Timmis reports two more fish 10 and 12lbs on a mepps from Wyesham 


Ingeston: 2 clean fish caught today, details to follow

Wyesham: 16.5 and 12lbs for Richard Godsall; 12lbs for Alan Halfacre all on SHFC. 

River now an awful colour on the upper beats,    No fishing for a couple of days at least -even Wyesham

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Seems that the minister Lesley Griffiths has received the Inspectors report regarding the proposed new Welsh NRW byelaws.   We will not be allowed to see it until she has decided on any changes she wishes to make.  When that will be heaven only knows.

Rain on and off on the upper river with levels just starting to rise, especially the Ithon.  Supposed to rain for the next couple of days so it looks like a decent the offing though the rain is somewhat patchy up here so far

More fish from yesterday which makes it the best day for sevral weeks.   Could we have a better june than May perhaps?.

Two more from Wyesham to Joe Cobley again. Mepps 10 and 12lbs
Two from Wyebank to Don Macer Wright 10 and

Ingeston 12lbs to David Slade. spinning

Llangoed & Lower Llanstephan: 10lb clean hen fish to Denis Cotter today.

Wyesham: 10lbs to Mike Timmis today.

LATEST   Upper river rising  Very dirty on Ithon and Irfon.   Upstream beats out now.

Yesterdays fish from the Rectory