Friday, 18 August 2017

River falling off now on upper river., still considerable colour and lower beats now affected by the moderate rise.  Conditions should improve for the weekend barring any more heavy rain.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Some pretty decent rain in the hills last night has raised levels by a couple of feet or so on the uppermost river and will obviously make its way downstream over the next day or so. Irfon and Ithon rising a litte too.
Should move a few fish around for sure and being mostly hill water colour should not be too bad.

Good slug of pretty coloured water now coming down the Irfon

12lb fish reported from Upper Bigswier on fly!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Still no change in conditions.

Fish reported from the Rectory -half the fish in the river seem to be there!!

Two fish for Japanese visitor Mr Ishii.
One Saturday 18lbs one \Monday 4lb grilse  Spinning lure
One this morning 11lbs or so for Simon Evans. Fly



Monday, 14 August 2017

River getting really low and stale now,  Looks like we might get some much needed rain this week however which should perk things up hopefully.

Fish from Saturday.  10lbs coloured from Spreadeagle for Robert Bland

Wyesham 11.5lbs to Alan Shufflebotham  Fly
Witney No 8  12lb coloured fish for Jophn Levick  shrimp fly/
Lower carrots Luggs Mouth 8lb coloured fish

Sunday, 13 August 2017

One 3lb grilse for Dave Palmer from the Golden Mile seems to be the sum total of yesterdays catches.   Fish caught after an early start to avoid the extreme canoe activity -except it didn't.  A dozen canoes through the beat even at that time in the morning -couldn't happen at the Rectory could it!!
Fine sunny day it seems so nothing much set the change in the short term at least, either in the canoe activity or river conditions.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Nothing new really.  No fish reported yesterday so far.  River conditions much the same but fish
very loath to take indeed.

See below if your interested in sea fishing.  Personally I rather wish they would concentrate on solving the countrywide canoe issue or at least sort out the one at Glasbury -despite perhaps upsetting their friends on the beats above.  Won't happen though.

Welcome to your August Sea Newsletter

Summer is just round the corner... get out there and get fishing!

Angling Trust Launches Campaign to Help Save Our Wrasse

We’ve launched a national campaign to stop the transport of live wild English wrasse to Scotland to be used to control sea lice in Scottish salmon farms.

The Angling Trust wants the fishery closed immediately until more is known about its impacts on wrasse populations, the coastal ecosystem and on recreational sea angling.

Get involved, support our campaign and sign our petition!

Angling Trust Launches its Vision for Post-Brexit Sea Fisheries

The Angling Trust has published its ambitious vision for the management of the UK’s seas once we leave the EU. The Trust’s vision focuses on managing fish stocks as a public resource, and focusing on optimal utilisation of fish stocks by recognising the social and economic contribution made by members of the public who go fishing for pleasure.

Specimen Awards Scheme Update

So far 2017 has seen some cracking fish entered into the Angling Trust Sea Specimen Award Scheme; including a whopping 11lb 6oz shore-caught Turbot, a huge 25lb 4oz boat-caught Spurdog and a staggering 21lb 10oz shore-caught Blonde Ray.

The scheme has been running since 1972 and awards anglers with medals for specimen sea fish. Entries for 2017 close on 30th November.

SOSB Fishing Opportunities 2018

Our friends at Save Our Sea Bass are calling on supporters to respond to the EU Commission’s consultation on fishing opportunities for 2018.

Supporters are being asked to respond to the consultation by calling for:

  • fixed netters to be landed from landing bass, or restricted them to 3% of total catch;
  • vessel catch limits for commercial hook and line fishermen to be set at 1.0 tonne per annum;
  • spawning Sea Bass to be protected with a 6-month moratorium for commercial bass landings.
Bass Angler's Sportfishing Society logo.

Species Hunt 2017 Goes Live!

Calling all saltwater anglers!  Join the Species Hunt today for the chance to grab your share of the £5000 in tackle prizes from our sponsors Tronixpro and HTO.
This nationwide contest rewards both:
  • Species Hunt - catching the most number of species.
  • Specimen Hunt - catching the largest specimens within 38 designated fish species.
The competition is split into three age categories;
  • Junior (Under 16)
  • Senior (16-55)
  • Veteran (Over 55)

Senior and Veteran entrants are allocated a £10 Entry Fee.

Friday, 11 August 2017

One fish yesterday from Wyesham,  14lbs to Tim Risedale seems to be the extent of yesterdays catches so far.

Some rain forecast but seems unlikely to have any real effect. River slowly dropping still.