Thursday, 25 May 2017

Not really any need to highlight how difficult conditions are at present throughout the river.  Early and late are the only viable times with fish welfare a consideration with the high temperatures with little prospect of fish on the upper or above HEREFORD.

The Hay on Wye literary festival is on for the next ten days and the place will be rammed., as no doubt will the river with many more canoes than usual -if thats possible.

I saw this on the Salmon fishing forum yesterday.   a 'POD' of fish arrived on a beat just below Hay.   Stay off the hard stuff I reckon.!!!!

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I was not far below Hay yesterday, not too many canoes where I was. I had two come through in the morning and a school party come through later.Both lots decided it was a good idea to pull in on the beat I was fishing until they saw me and they decided to splash off down stream. Had a pod of fish move in in the afternoon, no takers tho...... Nice to see some fish tho.

LATEST.  Nothing so far today which is not really surprising I suppose.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Fish from yesterday.

Red letter day for John Tarplee fishing at Coedithel with four fish caught spinning.  3x 15lbs and 1 x 12lbs
Stacklands -First salmon for Julian Lane caught on an Usk grub
Redbrook  13lbs to Simon McLucas -spinning.
Wyesham 12lbs for Roger Ward on a red Francis.

13lb fish to Simon MucLucas at Redbrook on a Cascade.
Another for John Tarplee at Coedithel  15lbs spinning.

Conditions pretty dire on the upper and indeed the middle river though some optimistic souls still having a go on the upper river beats. I see.  Very high temperatures the next couple of days could cause some problems with fish survival..
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THIS FROM NRW RE REPORTS OF NET MARKED FISH;
Wouldn't be a net would it. Might cause them to actually have to do something!!!!

"Subject: RE: Net damaged salmon

Can you encourage people to take photos, where its safe to do so (fish and angler)?

Have already seen one photo, which was not at all convincing.

I note a pod of porpoise was sighted in Usk right in middle of Newport.


Regarding the wild swimming event mentioned yesterday below are the numbers expected to be involved...   |Organiser seems to think this will have no impact on fishermen nor pose any risks whatsoever.      Another in a dream world!!!!!!

"We have 75 swimmers starting from Kerne Bridge canoe launch point, and a further 75 starting from Lower Lydbrook, with all those starting at each place staring together.  A further 100 would start about 800m upstream of Huntsham Bridge, exact location tbd."


Regarding the recent information regarding farmed salmon perhaps we need to put our stocked rainbows in persepctive.
Had som fish to smoke from a big fish water that shall be nameless.  Three of the fish were obviously recent stock fish and very portly to say the least. Not a real fish shape fish sure.
when gutted the amount of pure fat inside was aweful, amounting to a fifth of its bodyweight. See.

One of the fish.about 5/6lbs

 It's belly fat and enlarged kidney etc/

 Three of the belly's
 Knife is 14" long.

Having said that the end product after smoking looks pretty good and I'm told tastes perfectly delicious!!!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

One more fish from yesterday 13lbs from Ingeston on spinner to Phillip McWalter.

One this morning from the Cockpit at Upper  Bigsweir, Nathan Jubb  16lbs and another badly scarred fish


As if the canoeing problem was not enough we will now have to deal with this too;-
£55 per hour for swimming lessons, heaven knows what a day trip is going to cost.  Not sure a sausage sandwich is classed as a barbaque lunch though.


Please read this link if you have not already done so and view the video link in the text.
Alexander Morton has been fighting the salmon farms for year to save Canadian Salmon.  Marine Harvest are the biggest operators who are big  in Scotish waters too.  The scenario in Canada will likely be repeated here too.  She is now to be prosecuted.  She needs support if nothing else.
WSA have very kindly made a donation to her cause and I shall do the same -will you if only a message of solidarity.

June 1, Vancouver Courthouse. 
Read more, and there are ways for you to help.


Talking about pollution I saw this from the WUF Director on the Salmon Fishing forum.


Re Algae: I agree, was a few miles above you yesterday evening. The feet were only just visible when you were deep wading and teh water had a green stain. It is still very fishable, but dry sunny weather is not what we need right now. The irony is that all the hard work by WUF, EA and farmers in England has cut phosphate levels in the Lugg by about 20% and the £1m spend by Dwr Cymru in Hereford will reduce the levels in the main stem by a further 3-7%, this would have been enough to minimise algal problems but the situation has worsened in Wales, thanks in part, to the explosion in free range poultry in Radnorshire....Thanks Hugh! I read recently that the UK now gets 30% of its free range eggs from the Ithon subcatchment alone and water quality is declining as a result.

So after all the talk of improved water quality, the streams recovered after fencing and coppicing in many parts of Wales water quality is actually declining. If so why. Who is polluting, are they being prosecuted, is any action being taken.  Does anyone intervene at the planning stage in an attempt to stop the problem.

Some of us are fighting a new poultry unit planned here at Clyro, based on a stream which enters the Wye.  Likely to affect a local holiday site and exit for heavy vehicle onto a fast road on a hill crest and a sharp bend putting lives at risk.  Are WUF incloved in trying to prevent this at the planning stage. If not why not is the question.

Have the phosphate levels actually been cut in the Lugg or is this another claim of success without basis in view of the time scale when phosphates locked in the soil become depleted enough to measure?.


Monday, 22 May 2017

Hope everyone will read this.  Click the link and the one in the resulting text.

Would you eat this stuff??? Can you give her your support perhaps.

Marine Harvest sued me for trespass for attending a First Nation ceremony on a salmon farm in August 2016.  But it would appear they cast their net too wide and are now trying to back away from 3 First Nation leaders who have come forward.
This is a very important contest between the Norwegian salmon farming industry and First Nations who do not want wild salmon and herring put at risk by the disease, sea lice and other impacts of this dirty industry.  Government has completely ignored them and Marine Harvest is seeking an injunction in their own territory.
June 1, Vancouver Courthouse. 
Read more, and there are ways for you to help.

Alexandra Morton

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Weather looks set fair and dry for the rest of the week with temperatures in the high twenties especially later in the week.
With the signs already there it could be a recipe for the dreaded algae to appear in force, especially on the lower river. upper beats usually far less affected but there again not many fish up here to be affected.

A few more fish from yesterday.

Ross AC 7lbs to Steve Boswell on fly .
9lbs fish to Richard Woodhouse on a mepps

Foy.  8lb fish to Lawrence Birkin.

Goodrich court 12 and 13lbs to Justin Charles and 8lbs Mike Sutton.
13lb fish at Whitney to John Levick on a size 12 Willie Gunn

3  East Europeans found fishing today at Whitney without permits or licences.
You may want to note the vehicle number.  A Rover vehicle  W276BAR

Cadora Backs  7lbs to Maurice Hudson on a f/c.


Amazing pic of fish waiting to run the River Nairn.
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Sunday, 21 May 2017

River pretty steady at the moment. Some rain overnight though I note the |Elan compensation water has now been stopped.

Some fish from yesterday;

Rectory. Two coloured fish, 11 and 12lb  by the mystery local angler again.?? Why so coy I wonder
does he actually exist.
14lb fish to Nathan Jubb with Upper Bigswiers first fish.
10lbs for Ian Kenworth from the Golden Mile  on f/c
12lbs from Wyesham for Tim Howard on fly
Red Lion 27" fish on Usk Grub for Tim Hughes.
15lbs from Cadora Backs to Maurice Hudson on f/c

Two fish today from the Quarry pool at Aramstone to Graig Owens  8lbs and 6lbs  both on a f/c.  His first salmon for 20 years.
And a second fish today for Nathan Jubb , this time 13lbs. Upper Bigsweir

Signs that the lower river is colouring up from algae maybe

.  Another from Lower Bigsweir to Nathan Jubb.  18lbs.  Another fish quite badly scarred.

Ian Kenworthy's fish from Golden Mile.

Nathan Jubbs fish from Upper Bigswier

Saturday, 20 May 2017

A few more fish caught yesterday including a suprise mystery fish from Gromaine it seems by someone who reports a fish but gives no weight, method or name. A few ofthose laST YEAR.

3 more from Wyesham.   2 x8lbers to George Adams and one 12lbs to Joe Cobley on Mepps which now seem the bait in favour at the moment down there.
Two from the Red Lion it seems Tim Hughes 37" on fly and Laurence Staynings est at 23lbs on a spoon bait.  

Still no sign of anything further upriver and with the present conditions I suspect it's unlikely.