Saturday, 15 May 2021


More rain overnight has kept levels topped up and rising slowly.  Should not be too significant but weekend is ruled out pretty much everywhere with more heavy showers forecast for the next few days

LATEST   Heavy rain during the day has kept levels rising in most areas.  The Irfon in particular is very dirty at present and still rising.   Afraid that's it for several days ahead but at least the middle and upper river should benefit from this in the weeks ahead, assuming there are many fish to come of course. Lower river likely to be out for some time of course..

Friday, 14 May 2021

 A foot or so of extra coloured water will do nothing for catches in the next day or so especially if tomorrows rain which is forecast arrives.   Not much water from the uppermost river and beats above Builth will stand a chance though the  the Irfon in particular is carrying considerable extra water.

No further reports of any further catches from yesterday which was probably the best of the season.  Apart that is from this report, but not caught by an angler; 

Thursday, 13 May 2021


Fish from yesterday.

Another from the Spreadeagle for Tim Jessop 13lbs.

A 12 fish from the Churchouse Pool on Glanwye to David Harvey

12lb fish from the Golden Mile for Brian Joseph on a red F/C  See pic below

Four more.

Lower Carrots & Luggsmouth : 12lb fish for Glynn Cawte yesterday on a single hook FC. A late report also from 7th May, 13lb fish for Eddie Jefferson on a single hook mepps. 


Spreadeagle: The Norman family are having a good day so far - a 15lb fish to Richard (below left) and 10lb to his brother Chris, both on fly.


------------------------------------------------Hay on Wye : A 24lb cock salmon on a 1" blue/orange/yellow tube fished on a ST line. River still a little cloudy but good level. Alex Golesworthy yesterday.------------------------------------------------

Recent rain has had little effect on levels so far and most of the river has cleared well apart from the lower beats below the Monnow and Trothy which still carries height and colour.


Vineyard and Eign, Hereford yesterday.

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

 Conditions continue to improve and clearing quickly and with no further rain condition should be good on the upper and middle river too.

Seems a couple of fish have made it above Hay on Wye with two fish reported yesterday from the Spreadeagle beat,  a fish of 12lbs to George Thompson anda 10lb fish to Ed brown.  Both on fly.

Lets hope we can progress somewhat for the rest of the season.

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

 River still falling and good conditions above Builth.  Still on the high side for most and it's sad to see the river drop away so quickly these days compared to how it used to hold up in previous decades.  A true spate river these days,.

No further reports of fish unsurprisingly.


A friend has a Sage fly rod for sale if anyone is interested.  Any reasonable offer considered,  Call me on 01497821889

Its a 15 3 piece   Graphite 111  GFL 10150-3.  In good condition with rod bag and original aluminium tube.

Monday, 10 May 2021

 River falling away now on uppermost beats but heavy showers may keep it topped up.  Still considerable colour

Bottom river will be out for at least the rest of this week and possibly longer - the other question is have fish had time  to access the upper river above Hay on Wye yet ?


If you tie flies you know its pretty easy to invent something new any time you like.  I'm not too fussy about fly patterns to be frank but there was a problem with what to do with small Golden Pheasant body feathers from the side of the neck.  Longer ones are used for Shrimp flies or the Usk grub for instance but the smaller ones didn't feature in many fly patterns.

I devised the one below, tied on a single iron with an Orange tail and three pairs of G/P feathers on each side of the shank in a graduated way.  Orange floss on the body between the feathers and finished off with a J - cock eye.

Look quite interesting I thought.  Anyone like to try it? If so send me a stamped addressed envelope and I will send you one foc to try.   Hope I'm not making a rod for my own back!!!!   Jungle cock - ouch!!!!


You might find this interesting;    How the Spey does it's habitat work.

Sunday, 9 May 2021

 Another fish of 14lbs from the Weirend beat by Jon Daniels yesterday.

However this small flurry of fish will be delayed now for some days.  Although not as high as perhaps expected the river is carry 3 feet of so of extra water.  The colour is horrendous and will take some time to clear for sure.  Hopefully any new fish will enter the river as it starts to clear.