Monday, 22 October 2018

River in good condition again but all seems pretty quiet.  No fish reported from the upper river or tributaries. Perhaps they are just keeping quiet.
Reading the WUF reports must get out for some of those feisty 6" Grayling from the Lugg/Arrow. Sounds brilliant.   Be good for pike deadbaits!!!

Anyone looking for some Wye leads or beads, tulips, split rings swivels etc for making mounts
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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Well it's all over now for another season.  River still high formost areas but upper river looking ok.  No doubt some diehards will still be at it next week.   Hope they have a conscience if a spawners turns belly up.  Best to put it back quickly so you don't see it die later.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

I think most of us are aware the damage that Cormorants and Goosanders can do.  We see it for ourselves most days when we are on the river.   Just what that impact is on stocks is difficult to calculate but take a look at the picture below from this months Trout and Salmon magazine to see just how devastating it must be and why it must surely be one of the first priorities that has to be addressed by the powers that be, or anyone with a shotgun!!.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Levels falling now on the upper river and starting to peak on the lower beats.  No more fish from most of the river but the silly extension on the uppermost beats may yet provide a fish or two though thankfully there has not been a mass catch of spawners this season.  They were simply not there.
Just how many will reach the spawning tributaries remains to be see but prospects do not look good. We don't need another spate like the current one once spawning gets under way thats for sure.

Current total stands around the 500plus mark but no doubt a few more unreported catches will appear from somewhere.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

If you ever wanted to see the full power of a full blooded Wye spate now is your chance.  The river on the upper Erwood/Builth wells areasis currently at 4.00 meters on the gauges and it's still raining with a serious risk of flooding/ That includes Irfon and Ithon too with similar levels.
Thankfully fish have not spawned yet otherwise, as in the past, it can almost wipe out a year class of juveniles.
If you didn't believe in redd washout well you would now.
If you didn't believe is sewage system clear outs believe it now.
I you didn't believe in farm or riverside property dumping, believe it now
And if you believe in being able to manage catchment siltation well just take a look at how puny your efforts are.
As for plastics washed out to seea -don't even go there.

Goodbye to 2018   A year best forgotten
Even a fish from Wyesham today.!!

Below Hay Bridge this morning.  River is very wide here,  Its now in the fields in more contained locations

Friday, 12 October 2018

Gale, leaves everywhere, heavy rain and river rising especially on the Usk at present.  Will be out tomorrow for sure with rain said to be persistent for 24/36 hours.

Good news for the fish anyway

River now well up and rising.

Had to happen didn't it;
Rising beaver numbers in Tayside worry farmers - BBC News

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Wuf report a 16lb fish from Wyesham today, where else, for owner Mike Timmis as the 500th reported this season.  Well maybe.

On the other hand why bother with salmon why not promote the barbel fishing, the ex Director does.
Nice fish alright, wonder what had to make way for it.