Monday, 21 May 2018

Nothing new from yesterday.   The whole system seems almost at a standstill, not only on the Wyre but the Severn ,Towy, Usk and many other UK rivers too.  Those who have caught fish so far should consider themselves fortunate as prospects continue to look pretty depressing from here on it.   Perhaps another big flsuh might change all that. We live in hope.


Well there was a fish from yesterday./  Cliff Phillips, an Aramstone coarse fisherman decided to have his first go at salmon and, guided by Stan Turner took a 16lb fish from the Gold Mine Pool on a small spinner.

A fish also today when an early start sawKenny Powell take a 16lb fish from the Red Lion beat on fly.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Looks like a warm, dry and sunny week ahead.  Lets hope the dreaded algae does not make an appearance this early in the season.

Only two fish reported so far from yesterday;

Ricky Reno.  10lb fish from Wyastone Leys on a Mepps
Justin Charles 8lbs on fly from Wyesham.

Three fish reported from Wyesham yesterdasy evening 7 and 8.5 to Mark Spelman and 7.5 to Arthur
Voelcher on fly.
8LB Fish to Don Macer Wright at Wyebank on fly

I understand Bigswier are now on 8 fish for the season.. A Seal seen there yesterday too

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Another warm sunny day ahead.  Lower river offers the best bet by far.  Still no fish above The Rocks at Builth and won't be now unless the odd one is already holding up there somewhere. Very unusual.

Where are the smaller 2sw fish I wonder -surely this weekend on the lower beats?.

" Yesterday from Wyesham Alex Nichol 15lbs and Malcolm Bastard 16lbs on fly
Redbrook Simon McLucas  15lbs on fly

Friday, 18 May 2018

Well we moaned about the rain and high water but it did bring us a few fish.  At present nothing new is likely to access the upper river and its down to the lowest beats with high tides this weekend to provide some catches,  IF NOT ?????????????????????

Perhaps some WUF ticket holders who purchase from now on should be offered a 'dry off' instead of a wash off.

2  from Lower Symonds Yat for Jim Fisher/ 12 and 16lbs.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

A fine few days stretching over the weekend will do the upper river no favours though one of the deep gutters Builth to Erwood may produce a fish.
Otherwise it's to the bottom beats we must now look for reports -there have been a few;

Redbrook 13lb on fly to David Jones
Wyesham 20lb John Viggers and 12.5lb toDavid Holmes both on fly
Symonds Yat syndicate who seem to have no  names, report two 12 pounders
14lb fish from the Carrots this afternoon to Dave Roberts

Two fish earlier in the month 15 and 17lbs from Courtfield to Don Macer Wright and a 14lb fish on |Monday to a syndicate member.
Wyesham today. 12lb to Mike Morris and 15lbs to Tim Risedale.  Fly and Mepps respetively.

Lot more shad activity around.  Upper river painfully low now.  Forget it.  Dry weather forecast till the end of the month

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Some overnight rain but nothing to affect conditions with a cooler cloudier day forecast that
might improve things.

Another good springer reported from the Doctors Water at Ballingham for Michael Clapham
on a f/c   Est 26lbs
One also from Ingeston to Lido Combton again on a f/c  8lbs

There may not be many but if you get one the possibility is it will be a 'biggie'.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Sad to see so little coming off the lower river now that water conditions have improved. though the daytime overhead conditions are not great of course..

Just one fish reported from Redbrook to Simon Mclucas 13lb on fly.
One reportedly from the Bridge Pool at Erwood. to George Ottewell. 15lbs

An interesting post from the Salmon Fishing Forum regarding the request for Shad information.



Just spotted a request for info on the wyesalmonreports blog regarding Shad.
Well I was lucky enough to be at Coedithiel on Sunday 13th in time to catch the morning tide, [10m at Avonmouth with high water at Sharpness/Coedithiel 0615 GMT], and from up on the bank looking down through 6ft of water over a concrete croy, I counted 6 Salmon; estimate 8-10lbs, 2 Bass; 4-6lbs and one shoal of 30+ Shad moving upstream within 20 minutes. There where almost certainly more that I didn't see but I was more interested in fishing a SHFC across the slack water at the same time. Yes, I did have one solid hit and three good runs before the ******** slipped the hook, [got it on video though], and a few takes from Shad too.
Evening tide, a little higher and in bright sunlight, brought a lot more Shad. One in four casts was knocked and a total of five came to the bank to have the hook slid out, [without handling the fish], but no sign of Salmon.
FEBs avoided me but the two seals and an otter didn't even acknowledge my existence!
Hope this helps.

Another post from |WUF feedback.  Can you really mistake a Grayling for anything else???
More likely a chub perhaps.

"A beautiful day but sadly no salmon! Trout were rising about midday so I grabbed my trout rod and caught a few on The Flats and hooked what I think was a large grayling on a Usk Grub just after lunch - maybe 2 or 3lbs."