Thursday, 27 April 2017

Nothing new really.  Upper river is now on its bones yet I understand tickets are still being sold to punters in the Erwood area.  If this is so its a pretty poor state of affairs unless they are told the truth about the prevailing river conditions.  aAglers travelling a long way need to check on these conditions in detail and also have a look at the rod catch to determine whether or not their journey is a waste of time or not.
It's true you can never say never, though lets face it that's hardly the scenario on the upper river at present, but I suppose there are some who might just enjoy the day out, the scenery the casting but knowing realistically there is a minimum chance of a fish  A rock bottom river is just as much a washout as a wash off in most peoples opinion.

Smiled at this quip from the Salmon Fishing Forum by Ross James commenting on the lack of fish;;

"Has the Severn Barrage been built and we haven't been told"

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Nothing to report from yesterday it seems.  No real change in conditions seems on the cards in the immediate future.
Anglers fishing the bottom beats are seeing no fish whatsoever.

I'm intrigued but what those in charge will come up with as an excuse this time of do they just hang in their in the hope of an improvement which there will be shortly -surely!!


Details;  Richard Thomas 20lbs on fly.  Peter Godsall 12.1/2lbs.
Also one from Ingeston  23lbs to David Slade -spinning.
10lb fish from Luggsmouth  to Charles dakin.  f/c


Nothing to do with fishing but if your feeling a bit depressed click on the attached link and raise yourself up!! Watch until the end

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

River conditions remain the same.   Poor day yesterday with no further fish reports so far.
The question on everyone's lips is now.  'Where are the fish????   When will they come in???

Well things will pick up I am sure but to what extent remains to be seen at the moment.

Some stuff WUF could apply for here.  A £50.00 grant on offer and a £10million pound fund to restore peat bogs though I thought they had already solved all these problems.

By the way I suspect the talk on  "Beavers- natures water engineers" will go down a storm!!!!!

News roundup for
CaBA Partnerships

April 2017

Save the date!

We are excited to announce that the next CaBA Conference will take place on Tuesday 6th June at The Kings House Conference Centre in Manchester.

Confirmed speaker topics include 'Beavers – Nature’s Water Engineers’, and further presentation topics are likely to cover: 
  • PR19: What can CaBA do for the Water Industry and vice versa?
  • Water Stewardship - the role played by industry.
  • CaBA - what have we achieved to date? Summary of the CaBA Evaluation & Monitoring forms completed by partnerships.
Plus lots of time for informal discussion and networking!

Keep your eye on the Discussion Forum for more details on the agenda in the coming weeks. You can now book via Eventbrite.

New £10 million fund to restore peatland

A £10 million grant scheme to restore England’s iconic peatlands has been launched by the Government.
The funding will be available for projects that restore upland and lowland peatlands to their natural state, increasing their capacity to prevent carbon entering the atmosphere, reduce flood risk by slowing the flow of rainwater and create habitats for vulnerable wildlife.
The scheme will open in May and funding will target sites with the greatest potential for greenhouse gas reduction. Projects that deliver better value for money and maximise environmental benefits will be favoured for funding.
Funding will be available for three years from April 2018 as part of Defra’s £100 million of capital funding for direct investment in projects that support the natural environment. More details, including how to bid for grants, will be provided when the scheme opens for bids.

Natural Flood Management 2017 competition

Organisations and partnerships may bid for up to £50,000 for individual Natural Flood Management (NFM) projects in England.
Projects will need to demonstrate how they will meet the following allocation criteria:
  • reduce flood risk, or coastal erosion, to homes
  • improve habitats and increase biodiversity
  • contribute to research and development of NFM techniques and interventions
  • support and develop partnerships working with and between communities
Projects that require more than £50,000 in funding will need to find additional contributions from partners.
The funding is for the initial project construction, which needs to be completed by 31 March 2021. There is no funding available for continued maintenance.

Project proposals for funding will need to be submitted via the Catchment Partnerships (a list of Catchment Coordinators can be found here) by 19 May 2017.

Tesco Bags of Help – even more communities invited to apply for funding

Community groups across the UK are being invited to apply for Tesco Bags of Help funding as the application criteria opens to allow for more communities to bag some cash for their project.

As well as continuing to fund the development of and activity in outdoor spaces such as allotments and community gardens, grants will now be available to fund the purchase of items such as sports kits, camping equipment, spades, litter pickers or specialised medical equipment. Funding is also available for improvements to community buildings, for example, scout or guide hut, church or village hall or sports changing rooms. Groups looking to hold seasonal events and activities such as a Christmas lights can also apply for funding through the programme.

To ensure that the programme is really local the number of projects funded every two months has been increased and there are new funding amounts – with £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 up for grabs.  

Freshwater and citizen science: A research hackathon

Freshwater Watch is inviting early to mid-career freshwater ecologists to 'get their hands on' the FreshWater Watch dataset (17,500 data) with a view to carrying out some preliminary research. This will be during a 2-day event at Oxford Brookes Campus 25th to 27th May – fully funded except for travel.

On the CaBA forum recently:

The Dorset Wildlife Trust is seeking a highly motivated and experienced Conservation Manager to lead on our award winning ‘Dorset Wild Rivers’ (DWR) initiative and play a key role in the county’s Catchment Based Approach. Click here for further information on how to apply. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Forecast is still for little rain in the offing for the week ahead. Cold with showers mainly.
Everyone is hoping that this weeks tides bring in a few more fish with the odd 2sw fish now starting to show though we are only talking four or five so far of course.
Things are bound to pick up somewhat as we progress into May???????

No further fish to report from yesterday so far.


Approx 20lb fish from Whitney . Beat 3 this morning to Brian Prestbury.  Spinner  f/c

12lb fish from Wyesham to Alan Shufflebotham  on fly.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Fish today.

Ingeston two fish of  8and 9lbs   to Tom lane and James Robin plus a fish yesterday to Nick Sayer
of 8lbs
Geoff Lomasney an 8lb fish from Underhill also spinning.
Few smaller fish showing now it seems but not  everyone is seeing them by any means but we need a proper influx of fish sooner rather than later.

I see elsewhere 30 odd fish in a week from our 100 mile long river brings triumphal noises from WUFs new Director

Alexandra Morton continues her fight against the polluting, disease ridden Canadian fish farms.  Government, big business and scientists working for the companies try and shut her up.  Britain needs someone like her -so does bl----y Norway

Some people don't like the truth -tell me about it. Know how she feels.

Alexamdar Morton.

A quick blog to let you know on this day when thousands of scientists are becoming activists around the world, that I am still here, still fighting for wild salmon.
Opposition to my work escalates as we move closer to the truth and I have learned to work quietly.
However, here is a brief update and thanks to all of you,

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

A few fish obviously pushing through the lower beats into the river as far as around Ross, but upper river is still dropping away and is now really low.

A few more fish;

First fish for Coedithyl to Alan Davies 15lbs on Willie  Gunn Snaeldda
Wyastone Leys a 15 pounder for Richard Perrett on a f/c
Caradoc  18lbs for George Stanford on fly

Superb fresh fish today for Ian  Kenworthy (yesterdays name was wrong -sorry) on the Golden Mile taken on a black f/c. The veritable bar of silver.  11lbs

Some interesting stuff here;

New ASF Logo

Atlantic Salmon Federation News
  Thurs., Apr. 20, 2017
DFO Continues Total Live Release for NB & NS in 2017
Just prior to salmon season opening on Apr. 15, it was announced that in light of low numbers in the past few years, total live release would be the guiding rule in 2017. Read more

ASF's Neville Crabbe provides a perspectve on the need for caution in regard to salmon numbers. This is an audio interview:

Miramichi Outfitters note that the impsition of live release is not affecting their businesses on the Miramichi.

Protests Against Grieg's Massive Placentia Bay Salmon Farm Project in NL
On Monday there were a group of protesters in front of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador in St. John's. An alliance of conservation, angling, economic and related organizations has been created to support better regulation of salmon farms.

Counting on West River Sheet Harbour Begins
ASF's Lewis Hinks gives an update of the field work this week on this acid rain-impacted river that is being brought back to life through mitigation efforts.

ASF Researchers Get Ready for Busy Field Season
ASF Biologist Graham Chafe talks about the preparations for the work on the rivers.

Sea Lice taking a Financial Bite out of Marine Harvest
Sea lice are becoming a major issue on both sides of the Atlantic, but especially in Scotland and Norway. Read about the financial woes resulting, while remembering there is an impact on wild Atlantic salmon.

Financials for Land-based Salmon Farms Now Make them Viable
As the technology has improved, and scale of manufacturing increases, the economics of land-based salmon farms now make sense. Read more:

Friday, 21 April 2017

A few more fish reported below from the middle/lower river.  Otherwise quiet.
Still waiting for the lower beats to take off!!

Saul Roberts  Ingeston   12lbs spinner.
Wyesham 21lbs  Tim Risedale  f/c
Hereford AA  19lbs plus to Wayne Kuibida on  f/c
GoodrichCourt apparently on- yes a f/c.  Who???

  A few more fish today.
Jordon Henderson.  18lb fish from the Whirley Hole at Aramstone. f/c
Wyesham.  10lbs on fly for Edward Evans and 18lbs on f/c to Joe Cobley
10lb fish from Ingeston to |Peter Hickman