Monday, 16 April 2018

Hereford and District waters,  a 12lb fish on a f/c reported by Bryan Owen yesterday
25lb fly caught fish from Spreadeagle to John Blunt on a Cascade. yesterday.

Today the upper river is up a couple of inches from yesterdays heavy showers locally but nothing much in the upper catchment.  May be a little colour but hopefully not too much as its seems to be mostly Irfon water with just a dash of Ithon.  Not seen it yet but suspect conditions will be similar to yesterday.

Click here for a horror show!!
Nhanh sạch đẹp - THICH chuyện BAO đồng

Please try and sign this petition if you have time. It may make a difference.

This is a link to the petition site: . There is also an abbreviated link . The petition is wordy, but we have had to set out the issues at some length for the consideration of the Petitions Committee. We are also collecting paper petitions and I attach the paper petition form. Anyone can sign. It’s not a requirement to be resident in Wales, and anyone downstream of Welsh water pollution also has a very strong inte

Picture of a 20lb fish apparently posted on the Letton Court website.  No name of captor given which is odd.  Doesn't look that fresh but a fish is a fish.   ( Captor Matt blunt apparently 22.1/2lbs)

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