Thursday, 18 May 2017

Well, that was the rise that nearly was.  Dropping on the upper/middle beats with no useful water to come from the headwaters.   Little use for the upper river I suspect  other than perhaps moving a few 'residents' around.
Lower river is still realistically the place to fish under the present conditions.

Three reported again from Wyesham yesterday.  2 to Joe Cobley on a mepps and one toJ ohn hayward on fly.  All 12 poundish.
Also a fish reported from Cadora Backs on a f/c.  11lbs to Emlyn Davies.

2 fish from Wyesham to Michael Morris 10-11lb on a mepps.
One to Don Macer Wright at Wyebank. 8lbs on fly. Willie Gunn tube

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