Friday, 19 May 2017

Nothing else new from yesterday so far today.   We are almost back to square one with low water, sunshine and showers and not a great deal else in the way of fish.
We continue to hear reports of 'running fish'    'lots of fish seen today.!!!

I wonder where they all go to and just how many are 'lots' and plenty.

Bit like last years T&S article by the editor who on his first visit did manage a couple of fish  and said  'never seen so many fish in a British river'.  Perhaps he should have visited more than once.
Seems a lot of people have visited the Wye on the strength of that article and been disappointed.
This was on the forums yesterday from one poster, who calls himself."Grassy Knollington'

"Lovely height and colour, no fish. Still Waiting for this 2SW run. Damn Curse of T&S article ruining it for everyone!!!"
Not for the first time has a new dawn been heralded. Remember 'Back from the Brink' and 'How the Wye was won' amongst others.

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