Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Hopes of an even moderate spate look less and less likely.  Upper river already dropping quite quickly and the upper catchment had relatively little rain with much of the rise from the Irfon.

Looks as though the upper river will have dropped back before the foot of water even reaches the bottom beats.   Those expecting fresh fish to run are on a song and a prayer.  ain't gonna happen though a few resident may, as I said, get perked up for a while.

Some steady rain around the Hay area today but nothing much in the upper catchment.  Not a great deal over summer level and its on its way down.  Apart from the Irfon other tributaries have had only minimal rises.

Ross AC  11/ 1/2lb fish on a flying C to Lukasz Jastrzab

Looks like there could be some nets around somewhere.  This is Peter Holborn's fish from Bigswier on Sarturday.  Looks like it been tangled in something with its torn dorsal and possible body net marks.?

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