Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Rise of about a foot on the upper river so far with rain still about for today.   Not really enough by any means to move many fish around though it mar perk up any residents.  Really needs a proper spate , or two throughout the system to do any good.  Wouldn't get too excited yet.

Some fish reported yesterday.

First fish from Redbrook.  13lbs to Simon McLucas.
Another from Wyesham  12lbs on fly to Allan Phillips.
Three reported from Wyaston Crown  to Gareth Woolway 8-12 and 12lbs on fly!!!!

LATEST   Upper river gauges are now starting to show a steeper lift.  Rain still around.
Might be a reasonable lift , just don't moan about days lost through high water please.

Whitney.  12lb coloured fish for Stuart smith on Tosh tube.
Two from Wyesham  8lb to Jim Cummings and 10lbs for Joe Cobley.  Both on fly.


Someone pointed this out to me from WUF.  Fantasy fishing -predicting the future

T. H. from Brecon
Thursday 18 May 2017 (1 day from now)
Area:Upper Wye
Beat:The Rectory
No. of Anglers:1
6 Trout
J. D. from Hereford
Wednesday 17 May 2017 (5 hours from now)
Area:Lugg & Arrow
Beat:Hindwell - Coombe
Fishing:Trout (River)
No. of Anglers:1
My first visit to this beat, which I found fairly accessible as wild streams go. Humid conditions seemed to suit the fly life as there was plenty around, including some Green Drakes. Despite that fish weren't rising (though the swallows were active) so I searched the pools with a weighted nymph. Only one trout of about 8" obliged but an enjoyable afternoon nonetheless.
1 Trout

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