Monday, 15 May 2017

A couple of fish yesterday.

A 13lb fish for Tom Lane spinning at Ingeston.
A 28"  fish from Whitney court to Christopher Morley on fly -
despite the low water.
Estimated 20lb fish on a Willie Gunn tube from Lower Symonds Yat on
Saturday to COnrad Bennasi.

The promised rain has still not arrived at least here around Hay on Wye despite promises from the Met Office for a wet day.  Heavy rain was predicted on western hills so lets hope the upper catchment does it's stuff sometime later.this afternoon.


We are now starting to see the first batches of goosander chicks hatching, could you please ask your bailiffs, members etc. to record these for you. Please record the dates and whenever possible take pictures.
During the year keep these records going, photos of birds, chicks/juveniles, cormorants and damaged fish will all help our cause.

We will also be looking to do a full river count of avian predators in November and again in February. This will need to be done at the same time on the same day throughout the whole river 
This will be vital in retaining and hopefully extending the numbers of birds able to be culled.

Please send any information or picture to myself on or to the Wye Salmon Association.  (

Please do you bit, little effort is required to do this on your days fishing or time on the river.  Thank you.

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