Saturday, 3 April 2021

 Once again not a great deal to report other than a very fresh fish from Wyesham, 17 1/2 lbs on a F/C which seems to be the go too bait in recent times,   Looks again that if low water conditions continue what fish do come in will be restricted to the lower beats with again the upper river pretty barren   Hard to accept but it does seem as though the once famed run of Wye springers is designated to history with NRW completely silent on the subject.  The May fish have been more numerous in recent years so we live in hope.

As for future generations when did you last catch a salmon parr or smolt when trout fishing.   They used to be a real nuisance and could be caught three at a time on a wet fly cast in the past.  Ah well!!!

Met a couple of newcomers to the sport last week who asked me what it used to be like here on the Wye  . "Don/t ask me I said, you probably wouldn't believe me".  Sad but true.

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