Friday, 19 February 2021

This was sent to me yesterday.   A prediction but like all long range weather forecasts in particular subject to wild fluctuation si perhaps we shall have to wait and see.  A left over from the States perhaps whose weather we often seem to get after a time lapse.

 Subject: UK snow forecast: Chart turns WHITE as 72-hour Arctic blitz set to strike – new maps | Weather | News |


Don't often comment on things other than fishing but on Facebook yesterday was a piece relating to the Black Country - Dudley, Wolverhampton and like areas in West Midlands.  Not from there myself but in my younger days close enough to know many of them and better people you would be hard to find. 

Anyway this related to a comment that Facebook were considering blocking a group who were promoting a recipe for one of the Black Country favourites, faggots and peas.  Apparently some so called WOKE people had objected to the words 'Faggot'.  For heavens sake it's an item of food.    However in my book if you are a faggot or consider you might be one good luck with that, get over yourself.  A faggot is a faggot, human or otherwise.   Ap;ologies if this offends anyone but if it does you have my sympathy.

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