Saturday, 17 October 2020

 Well the last day of the season and no doubt plenty will be out today as yesterday looking for the last croc.   Numbericaly the best day of the season it seems with Ed Brown again doing much of the damage on Spreadeagle with apparently 11 fish including  two fish around 30lbs.  Still nothing reported from the middle river though another from Wyesham. See below;

Makes the seasons total look a little better at least.

Lower Glanwye: 2 coloured cock fish to Matt Cooper today, 14lb & 12lb on a small red snaelda

Spreadeagle: Ed Brown finished on 11 for the day, including one bigger than his 33 pounder earlier in the day.

Glanwye: 37" cock fish to Chrisopher Morely this afternoon. Glanwye finished on 5 today with another 5 lost.

Abernant: 2 for James Tustin today, 8lb cock on a black and yellow willie gun and a 8lb hen on a black and yellow snaelda.

Spreadeagle: A fish for R Thomas today.

Spreadeagle: 8 salmon so far today for Ed Brown, including a 44 inch (est 33lb) cock fish. After catching ten on Monday and Tuesday, Ed is trying to beat a friend's record of 20 Wye salmon in a season in just 3 days fishing!

Wyesham: 1 today 12lbs

The Rectory : 14lb salmon on Snaelda fly for GLLR syndicate member yesterday.

The Rocks : 12 fish to report so far this week. Mon 8lb 9lb, Tues 6lb 8lb 9lb, Wed 12lb, Thurs 8lb 7lb 10lb, Today Fri 5lb 6lb 8lb.

Nyth & Tyrcelyn: 2 salmon to Alfred Pope yesterday, a hen of 17lbs and a second fish caught around 4pm in Cafn Stream, both on a Black and Yellow 1/2 tube fly. 3 fish lost in the next 1/2 hour.

Gromain : 10lb hen this morning for Dave Ashworth on a 1" willie gunn tube

Glanwye: 15lb cock fish to Tim Main today.

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