Sunday, 18 October 2020

So the last day of the season ended with fish from the upper and lower river with once again the middle beats seemingly almost devoid of fish as the strange spread of our salmon stock continues as it has done all year with no seemingly logical explanation.  Due to the brief backend bash the total is a little more respectable than it might have been but still desperately low whichever way you look at it.

On a sadder note a couple of dead fish have turned up on Glasbury Bont apparently ,including a 'very big one' - though this was from a non angler so who knows.  Whether or not this is the result of recent angling C&R or perhaps natural causes we will never know.  Sure thing is we can't really afford to lose any.

Goodrich Court: 9lb salmon from the V for Tomasz Gorczyca yesterday.  

Llanover: Congratulations to Ben Llewelyn for his first Usk Salmon (after 46 years of fishing the river!). An 18lb cock fish which took a small shrimp fly yesterday. That is perserverance!

Saturday 17 October 2020

Above Llanwrthwl Bridge: 10lb cock fish for Cliff Hemming and a 10lb hen for Phil Powell .

Redbrook: 8 lb cock fish from Football Pool for Simon MacLucas on a big Organge Shrimp. . 
32 for the season 29 on the fly. 

Bigsweir: 3lb grilse today and they finish on 90. . 

Wyesham: 1 more today and they finish with 168, 154 on the fly and 14 on spinner. 

Wyesham: a 2nd fish yesterday, 13lbs.

Llangoed and Lower Llanstephan: 9lb hen on a sunray from the tail of the rapids for a local angler. 

The Rectory : 14lb fish for Mike Bolt today


Spreadeagle: 3 so far today; an 8lb fish at 8.30 this morning (name of captor to follow) followed by a 14lb hen & 22lb cock fish to Richard Wothers.

Doldowlod: 15lb coloured cock fish from middle of beat to Nick Gibbon yesterday. 

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