Wednesday, 14 October 2020


River conditions pretty stable and clearing - still on the high side for most but some being taken  both high upstream and downstream too  See below. Time perhaps for a last shot or two before the seasons ends if that's what grabs you..  Reasonable number of fish have at last gained access to the upper river it seems but not everywhere by any means.

Dolgau : Two yesterday. 9lb fish for Paul Mason and an 18lb hen fish for Richard Gipps.

Spreadeagle: 10 (ten) fish to Ed Brown on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Upper Bigsweir : 32" cock fish for John Adams on an Ally's Shrimp on Monday. First trip to the Wye. 

Gromain and upper Llanstephan: 12lb fish for Brian Skinner from the upper boards yesterday.

Despite the water on the high side but clearing, a lone angler on Bigswier scored with this fish from The Florence beat to Brian Osborne Cock fish about 12lbs


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