Thursday, 9 January 2020

Yet another slug of filthy water coming down the river after overnight rain.  Really heavy colour at Hay for sure.

Picked up a Mickael Frodin fly catalogue the other day.  A really glossy affair.  Full of flies all pretty much the same shape and profile but some  smaller  and some heavier sizes.
I was struck by the similarity of the flies and it appears he made one and then sat down to figure out how many colour combinations he could think of, something we could all do.

Ok fine but he then goes on to say he fishes these flies fast, faster every year apparently in a similar manner to a Sunray.  If thats the case how I wonder does the colour variations take effect?   The fish will only see the fly in silhouette against the sky and have a split second to make up its mind to attach it.    It has no time to see the subtle blend of materials whatsoever so to my mind its just  a marketting ploy with all the variations.    Mind you he can afford a glossy brochure based on the price of each fly at  £7/8 pounds plus.   Will they catch fish -well of course they will but probably no better than many of the flies we have now.

Anyway here's a few from last night;

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