Monday, 6 January 2020

Saw this on the WUF feedback;   Surely this cannot be allowed to carry on otherwise we are all wasting our time.. Never hear much from WUF regarding the Cormorant problem -why is that?

Lovely stretch of water, looks like it should be full of grayling and trout. River in great nick. Fished hard all day, walked the entire stretch and fed 6 pints of maggots without a bite. Then from 3pm i hooked all the fish and lost quite a few more, it was like someone flicked a switch. Kites and buzzards everywhere, Dippers and a pair of otters working upstream. The only down side were the 23 (intotal) cormorants working over 3 areas in the bottom 200yds of the stretch alone at 7.45am. One even popped up with a 1lb8oz grayling in its mouth which it wouldnt drop despite we catipulting pebbles at it!! There were more upstream as well. Im used to these numbers on the wye but Im not sure a small river like this can deal with this amount of birds. Every fish i had was over a pound, 5 of the trout and and the grayling all showed signs of cormorant damage. A massive concern... the poor small grayling, trout and salmon? have no chance without these ruthless predators. Aside from this it was a fantastic day.

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