Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Some fishing available next season if you really really want it, perhaps after you have worked out you chances????????????????????????

 Wyesham availability.

Full rod £1963.00. ½ rod £1034.00 (Full rods fish every week, ½ rods alternate weeks).
Wednesday full rod starting 4th March 2020
Wednesday half rod starting 4th March or 11th March 2020
Thursday half rod starting 5th March 2020
Friday half rod starting 6th March 2020
Saturday half rod starting 7th March or 14th March 2020
Sunday full rod starting 8th March
Sunday half rod starting 8th March or 15th March 2020
I’m afraid that we cannot offer to provisionally reserve the rod. The rod will be sold on a first come first served basis by calling 01874 712074.
Best regards
Allyson Williams
Administration Officer

Total catch last year was 59 fish   6 anglers per day .  You do the maths!!!

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