Saturday, 9 February 2019

Big spate on the river this morning.   Just what we needed really and should bring any fish into the river and flush out any kelts -if there are any.

See below re NRW public enquiry re proposed new byelaws.

(a)   The three week Public Inquiry in Newtown into the salmon fishing byelaws
finished on February 1, but has been adjourned to March 7 and 8 for final
summaries at a venue to be confirmed. The further delay is likely to put
back the final outcome. The salmon fishing byelaws may still be amended
during the course of the 2019 season or not implemented until 2020.

If you have a spare week see the evidence submitted below.

All updates and documents can be found at All Wales Fishing Byelaws Inquiry | Helen Wilson Consultancy Limited

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