Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Seems the NRW/WAG enquiry into new welsh Byelaws is not going too well, certainly from the anglers point of view.  WAG seem to be treating it like a criminal trial with a Barrister cross examining Angling representatives for two or three hours at a time and in some cases trying to denigrate their evidence and competence.
This is NOT the way it should be and NRW may well live to regret the stance they are taking.   Anglers will be really angry at what is taking place and I suspect will be reluctance to assist them in the future which NRW will need if any new byelaws are to be effective..

As for anglers competence we have against us NRW representatives who claim to know the remedy and yet have been in charge of our rivers for decades.  A couple I have known for over 30 years who have been responsible for the state of our rivers. I won't mention any names but many of you know who they are.    They are partly responsible for the state we are in yet now yet lecture us on what the remedy might be.   They bend whichever way the wind blows depending on the answer their employers want and should have been replaced years ago.

Bit like our MPs .  Never want to listen to the people or those at the sharp end.  In their arrogance they think they know what's best for us.

Check here to see their evidence -if you have the time that is; and in addition you can find the summary documents and presentations from this link:

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