Tuesday, 29 January 2019

List of books for sale/  Anyone interested  contact me on 01497821889 or geofffranks@icloud.com

The Fly tying Bible.  Peter Gathercole
How to Dress salmon Flies.  T E Pryce - Tannatt  1977
Small river Fly Fishing.  James Evans.
Naturals. A Guide to food organisms of the Trout   Gary Borger
Waterside Guide    John Goddard
Super Flies of Stillwater   John Goddard
Fly fishing for Salmon.  Neil Graesser
Matching the Hatch.  Pat O’Reilly
The Waterkeepers Handbook
Salmon Fishing.  Richard Waddington
Fishery Management  Fort & Brayshaw
Stillwater Flies  Taff Price
Fly Dressing Materials.  John Veniard
A Game Fishers Days and Ways
Salmon    Arther Oglesby
A Dictionary of Trout Flies.  Courtney Williams
Fly Dressing   Dave Collyer
Fly Dressing 2.  Dave Collyer
Fly Patterns  An International guide.  Taff Price
Catching Salmon and Sea Trout Balfour Kinnear
Rough Stream Trout Flies  Taff price
A Further Guide to Fly dressing  John Veniard (Signed)
Trout Fly Recognition   John Goddard

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