Saturday, 29 September 2018

 Bright overhead conditions continue wild cold misty mornings.

Only a couple of beats catching, still nothing from above Builth Wells.
Most fish pretty heavily coloured by now.

Seal as far up as Upper Bigswier yesterday apparently.

I see there has been some 'speculation' on the internet forums on the catches from Wyesham  beat in the last couple of weeks which seem out of kilter with the rest of the river or the beats around it.  All I can say is that if gillie Joe Cobley says he has caught fish or seen those caught by others then I believe it absolutely.  Granted he does not see all that are caught but this situation applies elsewhere too does it not.

Looks like a mass fish in at the Rectory this morning so watch this space later!!!

Justin Charles 7,9 12lbs; David Curtis 12lbs; Peter Chambers 16.5 lbs


Colin leach with a 12 pounder this morning from Sheepwash .  His first on fly.

Yesterdays fish.

Wyesham: Gordon Richards landed fish of 11, 16 and 4llb

Nyth: 19lb coloured cock fish on an Allies Shrimp in the Cafn Stream.

Nyth and Ty'r Celyn: A 15lb salmon caught in the Longstream by Barrie Abbott, 

Typical Autumn fish caught from Golden Mile and Sheepwash by Jerry Oddie and Bob Mason on Wednesday., as reported.

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