Tuesday, 13 February 2018

This is awful too.  Reckon it was penned after the evening drinks threshold.
Can result in memory loss or the onset of fantasies plus the mistaken belief you have
the makings of a stand up comedian.
Most of it take straight of the internet.  The radio tracking was just that -tracking to find out where the fish went to.!!.  Nothing to do with fish survival other than as a by product.   No 'dicky' fish were used for this experiment either obviously.

Perhaps I can enlighten readers a bit more and jog a few memories: That same AGM was when NRA (or whoever was in charge) announced that the number of Bailiffs would be reduced by about 20% while at the same time confirming that the reduced number would do the same work as the previous full compliment!!!!!

When announcing their Radio tagging survey of salmon to almost complete uproar, they found that fish got at least as far as Llangoed and probably made it to Builth. Those in the audience reckoned that this was the only possible route unless they went overland...... Then details of the work carried out were detailed including the Ghillie who caught them (GW) at Lydbrook. Announcing the survival rates of these angler/rod caught fish, the percentages as I mentioned earlier were given and several in the room realised that this was the only proper account of the relative survival rates of rod caught fish on the Wye.

Interested to hear that you think that iffy fish were not counted in the hatchery catch ups. In the years I had the catch up licence, almost all went alive to the hatchery except once when we were "assisted" by a ghillie whose refusal to use barbless meant 2 had to die. However we added those to the catch stats. There will no doubt be some more rantings from a secure unit in the Hay area.

However, if it is more generally known that fish were returned, probably to die then we should revise our perceived success of any hatchery activity when compared to natural spawning......downwards by what, guessing 20%??? do tell Washington

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