Monday, 8 January 2018

Just been trying to log in to the Fly Fishing forum but it seem Marsh Smith is up to his old tricks again and got his buddy Bradshaw to ban me from the forum.   Amazing how free speech can be denied if you speak the truth and someone else just doesn't like it.   So be it.

As an aside someone mentioned that on the tonight's programme regarding the Wye on BBC 1 where someone was casting at a shoal of shad and catching one.   Well the sequence was obviously filmed at the Hierag (Hell hole) on Marsh Smiths beat at Gromaine.  Doesn't take much intelligence to guess who was guiding him does it!   There again normal rules of behaviour, decency or normality don't apply to the chosen one apparently. It never did and I suspect it never will.  Looks like I might have to reveal what I know sooner rather than later.

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