Thursday, 11 January 2018

Decent river conditions now in most areas for those grayling and coarse fisherman who don't mind it a bit nippy/  Some rain forecast towards late weekend but should not spoil weekend sport.

Not much happening on the Salmon Fishing forum.  After his initial 'lets love each other' outburst Marsh Smith seems to have disappeared with nothing put forward as a proposal despite being asked.
How many time over the years have I had to say with regard to him  "I told you so" I wonder.

Then we had this from the Lugg and arrow and WUFs Tony Norman.

" Both the WUF and LAFA have different aims and objectives from the many organisations with an interest in the Wye and indeed, from each other. That does not stop them working together on common issues.
Noboby would expect unity on everything. It should be quite possible to sit down and work out common issues with anyone and just get on with it for the common good.
That is the way we get things done in this world."
It SHOULD be possible that's true -but quite frankly it;'s not been possible so far.  Again no proposals as to what issues or initiatives we could explore perhaps.

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