Saturday, 13 January 2018

I see they are still at it on the Fly fishing forum.  Actually  am loath to direct anyone to this forum due to the way it's 'run' by its Owner/Administrator Colin Bradshaw who is sole arbiter of who can say what and who too.  He seems easily influenced and quick to ban anyone who asks too many questions of some on there who don't wish to answer,
He has banned me recently as you know, why I have no idea.  Nothing I said was a lie or untrue in any way whatsoever.  He is not even handed by any stretch of the imagination  Other have been banned likewise and there is a person still posting on there who should have been banned for life when he said this to me on that forum;  He was not even banned at the time although the post was removed fairly quickly -either by the Administrator or the person who posted it

"  Whose rattled you cage then. Is someone shaxxxxg you wife or daughter"

Now we have another serial poster who often appears when you can't answer back one Charlie H. who pronounces on free speech but only as long as the administrator seems fit it seems, oh and he too has a forum owner who is a friend too.  How convenient.  The old adage still applies,  " It's not what you know it who you know that matters'   Entirely relevant regarding this forum in my opinion.

Anyway enough of that.  There is yet another application for a polluting chicken shed apparently
this time on the banks of the river Elan.  Planners only rarely turn these abominations down but if you would like to see what it all about of put in your own objection see below. Every little helps.

 So if you want to voice an objection Reference number online at planning portal is p/2017/1437 and his land is called Dol y Garreg. the application is in his wifes name for reasons we should not mention here.

I see Marsh Smith has had another rant on FFF. I reckon someone must have rattled his cage!!   Never mind he may have a point if he can find a single occasion when I have knowingly not told the truth or engaged in a deliberate lie.   He knows he cannot.  He doesn't call his stuff he puts out lies it's just misinformation guys.

As for my guess it seems it could have been wrong but isn't that the very nature of a guess.
As for shrimping well in its day he was one of it's biggest users, hard to believe he would ban a harmless, so they say,  method, that would likely put more fish in the book

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