Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Upper river still holding much of its height and with another dose of heavy rain predicted this evening and overnight things look exceedingly dodgy over the next few days.  When it drops away upper beats should get more fish as they will be keen to move upstream closer to the spawning grounds.

8lb Fish reported from the Carrots for Richard Hill.  Carrots now on 11 they say  - WOW!!
Two more from Wyesham 9 and 12lbs plus one last weekend at Goodrich 14lbs and a 14lb fish from Weirend.
Don Macer Wright reports two fish from Courtfield/Wyebank yesterday  4 and 6lbs
Two also from Ingeston yesterday to davi slade.

More canoe mayhem at Ingeston yesterday.  Group of five canoes lashed together -unable to steer etc. etc.  Also a craft with a sail and an outboard motor.  Landed and when approached told anglers to fxxk off.
When is someone going to take some action against this type of cretin?  EA control navigation except of course they don't do they- When will they-the owners -WUF-Conservators get together and DO something.

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