Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Conditions continue to improve all the time on the middle river and remain excellent on upstream beats.  |Fiish n umbers may not be great but quality is so far and should in theory continue for a while at least.  Nostalgic for some of us but a new experience for others -imagine 500/1000  fish by the end of the month if you can.

For the reason why things are not as good as they once were take time to play the following link.
A few years old but even truer today;



Latest.  7.30pm and nothing has been reported so far today which is disappointing.   Could be fish are few and far between but the right place at the right time as always, could yeild a big result.

Bit boring to keep mentioning internet forums, almost as bad as facebook or tweeting of which I do neither. However one nut case Dave Watkins, ex WUF keeps mentioning me on  a particular forum giving my supposed views on things which I never said. His latest is to suggest I pan spinning at every opportunity.
 For his information if no one else's I have no problem with spinning, worming or shrimping for that matter having caught a good proportion of my fish on those methods. What I do dislike however is spinning big F>Cs in low water summer conditions on good fly water and in particular some of the beats downstream. You know who they are. He suggest fish deaths may well be higher using this method but there are other dangers to fish too.  One is the handling of fish no matter how caught. If you are inexperienced and on your own the landing and release of a big fish is often difficult and will, in my opinion give a poor outcome for the fish.  With very few gillies any more on hand to help a good proportion of the fish will not survive, springers in particular.     Watkins wouldn't know of course never having caught one but that doesn't seem to stop him offering advice, as he did when employed at WUF at that time never having fished the Wye or even seen most of it.  Funny world we live in!! 

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