Wednesday, 12 January 2022



                                        RUTLAND AGAIN.

During The time the Benson and Hedge competitions were taking place, Masterline, a well known tackle company then also ran a yearly competion on Rutland water known as the Masterline Classic.

One day I had a call from a friend Danny Price, then owner of the Three Counties Hotel and also a member of Hereford Flyfisher.  He had somehow found out there was still a boat available for this Masterline  competition due to take place the following day.  He asked me if I would like to go up with him, so I agreed I would.

The match was the next day and we drove up early that morning.  It appeared the draw for boat partners had already taken place the day before and so they told us to fish together. Excellent.

To cut a long story short it was a fine overcast day with light wind as we set off down the south arm towards Browns Island.  It soon became apparent that the fish were really up for it moving upwind taking hatching buzzers as they went.   This was my sort of fishing and reminiscent of my days on Blagdon and Chew as we targeted rising fish all day long..   To cut the story further still I bagged up by early afternoon and spent the rest of the time fish spotting for Danny who also got his limit too.

Back at the weigh in it turned out that I had won the match and Danny was I think third or fourth. No idea what the prizes were that day so they couldn’t have been that memorable

Another Golden bo===cks moment.    Once again the locals were not too impressed.    Apart from matches with the Hereford club itself I never entered another completion as far as I recall.  Always best to stop when your ahead so they say.

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