Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Cold and dry conditions continue as the river continues to drop to the extent that the bottom end of the river looks to be the only really likely place of a new fish.   One reported yesterday morning at wyesham at 16lbs.   Plenty of anglers out but for no reward.   10 possibly 12 fish for March is one of the worst ever if we discount last seasons Covid restrictions.

Big question is are the fish at sea still or are they being taken before they have a chance to access the estuary.   Seems there are large numbers of Belgian bean trawlers berthed up in Milford and those from Bideford, possibly not targeting the salmon and sea trout specifically but catching salmon and seatrout as a by catch.    Any Fishery Protection vessels out -your guess is as good as mine.

Received this from a friend this morning.

"Please find attached a posting from the Worldseafishing forum, South and West Wales catch reports yesterday.  The  netting and trawling which I going on is the main reason for the decline in migratory stocks in my opinion.  They are not specifically after migratory fish but mostly after Bass. Until 30 or so years ago netters didn’t chase the Bass so much and then only from July until October, when most salmon and sewin were safely up their rivers. Then the chefs etc started the Bass bonanza with the price of Bass going through the roof and everyman with as much as a bathtub took to the water with a net. 

Do many Wye fish show net marks in recent years?  Before the Tawe stocks collapsed we had two years of sewin covered with net marks.  Then in the late 80’s early 90’s nearly every sewin I was catching on the Tywi had net marks. The Tywi sewin runs have disappeared.  Last year the Tywi had a decent salmon run because the nets, legal and illegal weren’t out as their markets were closed."

Anyone any experience of net marked Wye salmon?   catching one first is the biggest problem!!!!


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