Sunday, 9 February 2020

Well the storm the forecast eventually arrived and there is now a big spate tearing down the Wye Irfon and Ithon with all the consequences that could bring to any eggs still remaining or newly hatched fry that are present.  Its been a grim year for spawning fish and one can only guess at the consequences that will  bring in a few years time.  Regardless of what you thing about stocking, eggs fry and any smolts that would have been in SNR ponds would at least have survived with a reasonable chance.

I see elvers are said to fetch £6000 a kilo on the Japanese market. Foreign trawlers raping our waters and other factory ships further afield, not forgetting the FEBs and of course the salmon farms around the Scottish coast in particular.   Add to that the inaction of salmon fishery boards and Government Agencies across the country and you  have to ask yourself is there really a case for  viable salmon fisheries in the future.  Future populations need more and more food and material possessions, will inevitably pollute more and more unless solutions are found soon.

Sick of hearing about Global warming which some think we can influence in any way whatsoever is just a joke.    We can't even influence more mundane here and now issues. Other matters are more serious in the immediate future.  Global warming will happen no matter what we do.   Just my opinion of course!!

This is worth a read too;

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