Tuesday, 3 December 2019

River conditions more stable now as levels settle.  Friend had a 30lb 12oz pike the other day from below Hereford.
Still not many reports of spawning fish, just the odd one here and there and  a couple of dead spawned out ones.  Difficult to assess the spawning at all due to the high water and no opne in particular trying to do a meaningful count.

I see the WUF continue with fish pass construction with no fish to use them.  Strikes me as somewhat strange keep trying to extend the spawning areas.  When the river supported upwards of 50,000 fish they never had any problem though there was always some over cutting. There was obviously a huge surplus of eggs back them meaning that the maximum carrying capacity of the river was utilised.  Now much of it is a desert with nothing in it.  I50 odd parr found in the Elan heralded a huge success!!!
Ah well.

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