Sunday, 1 December 2019

Looks like we are in for a dry spell for at least a few days.  perhaps someone might find some salmon spawning redds which lower temperatures should help.

Seen WUFs future plans as presented at the last LFG meeting.   Nothing really new to look forward to.   More work on fish passes though no fish to speak of to use them. More farm work which recent floods have shown to be virtually pointless.  Some more gravel for the Elan and some more river gardening which doesnt seem to be working and  that pretty much it apart from trying to access further funding schemes/  Oh and the hope that NRW might relax current controls on FEBs.

Do we have a salmon future?  Remains to be seen   OR read the link below and see a suggested scenario of a Scottish fishing experience and weep with laughter or cry in despair.

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