Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Yet another bloody poultry application just outside Builth wells near a brook running into the Wye.
This was discussed at Ministers Question time at WAG yesterday.   Members indicated that Powys was already saturated with these Belsen type  atrocities.
 WUF have so called farm advisors.  Do they ever object to these applications I wonder.  We may never know.  They never tell us.  They operate in almost total secrecy.  Don't you despair at the bloody hypocrisy of it all.    Planning committees and local community councils are all usually farmer dominated and help perpetuate this situation.   Our local one at Bronyyd was built within 50 yards of a private house, near a local caravan site with exit onto a dangerous road, next to a brook yet still approved.  The whole thing is a complete disgrace.!!!!!!!!
Tamzin Law  the planning Officer wants a -------------------------- better hold it there.

Below is an excellent response from WSA Chairman Stuart Smith.

Member of the Public
Customer objects to the Planning Application
Reasons for comment:
- Affect local ecology
- Close to adjoining properties
- Increase of pollution
- Over development
- Potentially contaminated land
I Represent Wye Salmon Association with 285 active salmon anglers of the River Wye. Mine and WSA objection is with regard to the proliferation of chicken farms many perilously close to the River Wye and its tributaries, an area supposed to be protected nationally as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and internationally as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) under the European Habitats and Species Directive. We are concerned about the potential for pollution and its impact on the flora and fauna of the river valley and in particular the already massively depleted stock of Atlantic Salmon, currently classed as “at risk” by Natural Resources Wales.
18/0475/FUL is sited within 10m of Cnithio Brook which runs into the River Wye some 2km down stream. Since water contamination may also arise as a result of run off from outdoor ranges and hardstanding, shed washing, soil erosion and contaminated waters from shed roofs, the proximity to the brook should be a major concern.

Poultry manure has the highest concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium of all animal manures. Clearly a valuable fertiliser, poultry manure is also a potent pollution risk if inappropriately stored, spread, or transported.

18/0475/FUL plans to spread (and store) the manure on the surrounding farmland, all of which drains into the Brook.

In addition there is already a 36,000 egg laying unit at the farm the opposite side of the valley 700m from this intended site, they already spread their manure on their farmland, which also slopes towards the Brook รข€" no cumulative effects have been accounted for within this application despite the fact they are supposed to be.

IPUs emit ammonia and poultry dust, and generate large amounts of traffic on otherwise quiet rural roads. Ammonia deposition significantly contributes to the nitrogen enrichment which is fatal to many of our rarer plants. Poultry dust is categorised as a substance hazardous to human health by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and is linked with respiratory complaints and with potential for permanent lung damage.

There is a rule that you can’t build a new house, office or school within 400m of an IPU, sadly however the planning regs for building an IPU next to a house state that in general they should be at least 400m from a house, this one is within 100m of a house and within 250m of two other residencies.

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