Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Looks like an end to the really hoy weather for a while anyway.  Won't make much difference to some who carried on fishing regardless anyway.

See the below piece from the The  Gaurdian// suspect it's something we already knew.


This is interesting too and pretty valid as well in many peoples opinion..

Fisher' <adam.fisher1@icloud.com>
Subject: shame on you

I see that you Adam Fisher have at long last closed your fisheries……

Please read link below……….I and many other responsible anglers and conservationists remain bemused, disillusioned and very un-happy in the way that some fishery owners, rights holders and in particular the Wye and Usk Federation have behaved in this ……..perhaps the WUF should re-write their published “objectives” and included the line “cash over fish”….the word ‘irresponsible’ just doesn’t come close enough.

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