Friday, 6 July 2018

Hot again -even coarse fishermen are struggling as one would expect.  Middle river temperature 23 degrees this morning
How much lower can the river get.  I hear the Welsh Dee is OK with releases of water from lake Bala which begs the question-----------.

Canoe Wales are at it again making a claim for a public right of navigation on the upper river -see below.
However Stephen Townley, part owner of the Sheepwash syndicate and a lawyer has written a 10 page response to this which shows this letter up for what it is. Rubbish.
Bit long to put on here and can't seem to make a link to it  but will email it to anyone who requests it.

For too long the owners of the three fisheries between Glasbury and Hay have been hung out to dry and deserve better from those supposedly in control, ie. the EA/NRW,  Powys CC and the Wye Usk Foundation who for decades have put the issue on the back burner.  Even the Angling Trust came saw and then departed.   Local matter???

However there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.  If the threat to the upper river is a serious one you can bet the Angling Trust will seek to help their busom buddies on the upper beats, after all they seem to be taking credit for stopping the Swansea Bay barrage in it's tracks so this should be easy meat for them, and WUF will be jumping up and down too protect their own interest no doubt..  Should be interesting

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