Sunday, 8 July 2018

Another dead fish found on the Red Lion stretch yesterday 3.6""  Feel pretty sure this is happening elsewhere too.  Even hotter temperatures reported today.

Always some interesting stuff on the WUF feedback.  For instance;

"We clearly hadn't considered that the very narrow, fast flowing stretch, was the only water available to the canoes. Later a pair of kayak's beached on the island. From one, a middle aged gent disappeared into the trees to perform his ablutions. He reappeared, walked to the middle of the stream, dropped his shorts and proceeded to clean his backside, charming

From the Barbel society.  By the way it 30.4degrees here atthe moment.

Barbel Society - Fishery Update

Dear Member,
The unusually high air temperatures and lack of rain has meant that there is a strong likelihood of reduced dissolved oxygen in our rivers.
We all know that barbel populations are suffering for a number of reasons and so it is imperative we protect what we have.
The committee has been monitoring the situation and the weather forecasts are not offering a respite any time soon. Reduced air temperature will not change the situation; we need a substantial influx of rain.
We have therefore taken the decision to shut our fisheries to take effect from 9 am on Monday July 9th.
This gives everyone a chance to make arrangements and seems the fairest option. We would ask those who are visiting our fisheries this weekend to take the utmost care of any fish caught. Resting in the landing net before and after unhooking is a must along with not taking the fish out for weighing and photos etc., but be aware that it is not guaranteed that a barbel swimming off strongly will be ok, the after effect can kick in later and you would be none the wiser. If you can cancel your trip so much the better.
We are sure you will understand, the welfare of barbel is paramount and we all have a responsibility to ensure we do our utmost to achieve that.
We will be monitoring the situation on a daily basis to ensure the fisheries can be re -opened as soon as possible.
We thank you for your understanding and support.
The Barbel Society Committee.


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