Friday, 29 June 2018

Not much sign of  break in the weather as the unusually hot dry weather continues and with the river at seriously low levels there is real concern, at least in some quarters, of a real disaster regarding the salmon who are clearly struggling under the condition and at times in some distress.   I suppose irrigation still goes on, legally or not and will take precedence over environmental conditions no matter what.

As for salmon fishing is anyone seriously contemplating that.  If so they have no concern whatsoever for fish welfare.  Don't suppose a release from theElan valley dams will be forthcoming which in any event will have warmed up after a few miles of running overheat marginal rocks so unlikely to be of much help other than for the farmers to pump it out again.

As for the extra aggravation caused by navigation issues lets not even go there. Its pretty horrendous and our river is now just nature's playground for huge numbers and as usual no help all be coming from EA on that score or indeed any other.

We can just hope the most serious scenario, as in 1975 does not repeat itself.

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