Friday, 15 June 2018

Not a lot to say really is there.  June -one of our prime months is on its knees due to a combination of very low water on the upper beats, low levels and colour on the middle beats and the virtually impossible situation with thick algae on the lower river.
Anglers are getting a raw deal for sure and a complete disaster is staring us in the face,  A few quality fish it's true but numbers are dire and the river has, it's plain to see, a very low stock of fish, even before the algae.

Lets not go into whose to blame. Many of us know who they are and they are still secure in their jobs, still pumping out positives about the river.
The Towy seems to be in an even worse situation and the Usk too is low on numbers it seems. 

At least someone's still catching.  Young lady from Stretton Sugwas School on WSA School course
yesterday into a trout.

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