Monday, 25 June 2018

Dear LFG Members

Following the recent rounds of LFGs around Wales, we have placed all the papers on our web site, under the Fisheries pages.

This will allow you to download and share them more easily. It’s our intention that these will be updated every 6 months or so.

Last week we issued a press release  urging the release of all salmon. The request comes as the latest assessments (See LFG papers) confirm stocks of these iconic fish continue to face severe challenges, early indications are that there are few fish in our rivers this year. Every released fish has a chance of helping secure stocks for the future.

What is really encouraging is that the majority of anglers are already voluntarily releasing the fish they catch, but we feel the situation is now so serious for salmon that we need all anglers to play their part.  In 2017 whilst some 86% of salmon were released, there were still 14% of angers in Wales that didn’t return any of the salmon they caught.

The latest salmon and sea trout assessment reports and an updated catch and release good practice guide can be found on the NRW website.

We would be grateful if you can share the good practice guides and also consider placing copies on your own web sites.

NRW sorry its actually EA staff staff retrieving a salmon, 6 barbel and 4 shad from the net at Bridge Sollars

Nice Brownie from Whitney for Nick Hart

Signal Crayfish from Lugg tributary.  The Wellington Brook. It could actually be the mythical white clawed crayfish, once of the Wye in the distant past.

Barbel on the fly, also from Whitney

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