Friday, 11 May 2018

So its pretty obvious now that there is not a big head of fish in the river at present.  There is quality for sure and those lucky enough to contact on will like as not get a super springer.   However it's a little like a needle in a haystack and things are not looking good lets face it.  Only hope is that the 2sw fish arrive soon and in numbers.

LATEST.  Rods out all over the place in the Erwood area -never been so heavily fished in history. Should be one from there today surely.   Getting low now up towards Builth Wells.  They need some water soon -really!!

One reported from Wyesham to George Adams  18lbs.

Two from the Nyth 9.5 to Peter Fraser yesterday and an 8lb fish to Joanne Fraser today . Both on fly
Another for Stan Turner at Aramstone  14lbs   spinning.
Three reported from Ingeston 21lbs and 15lbs and 13lbs  John and Johnston Hunt. Spinning

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