Saturday, 10 February 2018

Another piece of useless legislation proposed regarding farmers trickle irrigation which will be administered by the aurhourities with a 'soft touch'.  In other words they will all probably get a licence especially with the big guns of NRW looking over their shoulders.  The soft touch approach will no doubt apply to any transgressions too.
Certainly for some farmers penalties/fines imposed should they exceed their water quantity and get found out is seen as part of the job and the amount of fine is usually a fraction of the extra product they produce due to the illegal irrigation.  As usual they get away with murder on many aspects which affect the river environment.
Lot of water coming down again!!!
Saw the below on the highly censored Fly fishing Forum'from  one Mr Marsh Smith

That's an interesting idea Tom, perhaps all regs and bylaws should be down to anglers and owners excluded......But would they ever be of one voice? Its no secret that I'm an owner and put in some unpopular measures (at the time) such as no worming prawning or shrimping (1988) along with C&R (1992). Neither was at all popular with anglers. If Angler power had been in force would they have overridden them, thank fully they didn't and I took the reduction in tenants on the chin. 

The Wye has always enjoyed/suffered upper and lower river conflicts and I would suggest that any proposal needs to enjoy wide support if it is to go forward

Somewhat double standards here not to mention the somewhat self veneration. So the various measures were down to him to impose were they -well not as I recall it though he can take credit for the various canoe arrangements on both the Wye and Usk with WAG Splash funding money.
He suggests he helped put through measures through that were not popular with anglers but now suggests that any new ones proposed by anglers should have 'wide support???  Does he mean his support?
I'm not sure he took that much of a hit with tenants following the reduction in methods either as the beat was never that productive in my opinion.

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