Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Saw the below on the Fly Fishing Forum from a long time Wye fisherman and ex bailiff.    Long time Wye anglers are  often accused of downplaying today's river and it's salmon fishing with newcomers seeing us as people looking through rose coloured spectacles.  NOT SO!!
I agree with the sentiment of this post absolutely,

I wonder however if you are aware of the different abuse this river suffered in the past if compared to today. The lucrative business of salmon poaching, for example, practiced by professional nets men, gaff yielding locals, and naughty rule breaking anglers as well. I can vouch for the latter.

Today, it’s almost illegal for anglers and owners to maintain the riverbanks, bed, or surrounding habitat, let alone improve it for angling. Salmon fishing, as a result, is restricted to only a few of the once numerous tended beats.

I remember taking seasonal salmon rods on various beats. Not only paying for the privilege of each days fishing, but the knowledge and reassurance that beat was exclusively mine on that day. No coarse anglers, no swimmers, often no canoes, and sometimes not a sight of another soul all day long, wonderful days.

Nowadays salmon are undoubtedly targeted when Barbel fishing, autumn pike angling, carefree rod yielding canoeists, and so-called winter grayling anglers. The facts are, only two official bailiffs operate within the Wye catchment. The police are strapped for cash, and you won’t get far if you ring the incident hotline. Worst of all, almost no passionate gullies left to police and tend their once precious beat.
Once an exclusive maintained and enhanced salmon fishing river, the Wye has become a recreation playground dominated by modern tourists and hyped anglers who simply don’t understand.
I doubt there is no one left to police these angling breaches, or stamp out the couldn’t care less abuse you mention, what’s more, its set to get even worse.
I think your only choice is like it or lump it.

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