Friday, 5 January 2018

Oh Dear. Marsh Smith has been at it again on the Salmon fishing Forum.  He seems to have found a voice after all these years though it looks as though his memory is somewhat befuddled.

He claims that at a Gillies Meeting he was asked to attend in 2007 to talk about the work WUF were doing there was bad behaviour, rudeness and even spitting.   I was there and spitting is totally a disgraceful lie.  True he left early and went off in a hissy fit because he did not like some of the questions he was being asked.  He never does but these were people working on the river who deserved some answers.  None have been forthcoming then or since.
Quite what he means by WSA wanting to decapitate WUF is incredulous and another smear on all its members.
Other than that have no wish to dwell further on someone not deserving of credibility

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