Monday, 30 October 2017

Some interesting statistics below which shows how the October catch of pre  spawner's  has risen
and how the spring catch in resent years has not      Make of it what you will!!

Increasing October catches as a percentage of the overall catch.
2017 - 19.1%. 2016 - 17.6%. 
2015 - 11.7%. 2014 - 12.9%. 
2013 - 13.8%.

Catches up to the end of May -
2017 - 298. 2016 - 551.
2015 - 419. 2014 - 279.
2013 - 398.

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Chub caught recently with an Americian Signal crayfish still in its mouth.  Anyone else seen any crayfish of the main  river.  It has to happen of course eventually.

Talking about Crayfish with our native white clawed species absent now from the main river and most of the catchment a small number have been discovered in a brook in Clyro, pretty adjacent to a new and yet another intensive chicken shed.  We locals are trying to prevent this operation
However despite wailing about chicken operations on the Ithon catchment causing pollution WUF,, well Simon Evans as least, has so far despite three attempts seemed unwilling to help protect these crayfish which is an EU endangered species. One lives in hope!!!

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